Nicholas Negroponte wants to give laptops to third world countries (video)

Cocoy Dayao

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  • This can be quite interesting to see weather this can happen ?

  • UP nn grad

    The “negroponte”-laptop is $198.00 per unit. The laptop costs more than the $138.00 which is what Pilipinas government spends per student.

  • @UP n Grad, @ines, @jose –> there is a One Laptop Per Child initiative already active in the Philippines. –>

    i suppose anyone interested in helping out should inquire with them. 😀


  • jose dennis flores

    when he said third world,did he meant, philippines included? i think not, however if he will,much appreciated.

    this is our problem and we often go to others to solve the mess we created.

    if he gives laptops,why dont we go to help him, buy buying some more of this laptops which costs between 8-10K in pesos and distribute some ourselves.

  • Hi po

    how do we share the opportunity of laptops for poor schools? i want to help poor schools in region 2

  • UP nn grad

    Why not??? As long as what happens also is where 95% of Pilipinas public school children to have a desk in a school with a roof and at least 3 walls and where class size is 95 students or less.