Global Pinoy Bazaar: Built with 100% Filipino Love and Pride

In its effort to raise Pinoy pride and positive social change among its countrymen, a group of young and idealistic Filipinos saw the birth of a campaign called Yabang Pinoy. Yabang Pinoy’s main project is to always develop new, fun and exciting programs and activities that would convert “closet” Pinoys into “Shouting Proud Pinoys.”

In keeping with Yabang Pinoy’s consumer revolution advocacy and belief that for every foreign product in the market, there are comparable local options, Yabang Pinoy is now on its fifth Global Pinoy Bazaar to showcase Filipino products made with 100% Filipino Love and Pride on November 6-7 at the Rockwell Tent in Makati.

In line with this, Yabang Pinoy also invites all Filipino artists and entrepreneurs producing products with 100% Filipino Love and Pride to join this one of a kind bazaar just in time for the Christmas holiday season.

The Global Pinoy Bazaar 2010 is a great avenue for entrepreneurs and artists alike to promote their products and talents while helping the Philippine market in encouraging people to patronize local products to help boost the economy.

For those who are not the entrepreneur or artist type, you can always shout to the world how proud you are to be Pinoy by promoting Global Pinoy Bazaar 2010 and visiting the fair this coming November 6-7.

Global Pinoy Bazaar promises shoppers a whole lot of entertainment good food and of course, 100% unique Filipino products that are truly easy on the pocket. Posh purses made of Capiz shells, nifty organizers made out of recycled papers and statement shirts that are 100% screaming Pinoy are just some of the few things to look forward to at the Global Pinoy Bazaar 2010.

For interested participants, entrepreneurs, and sponsors, please email [email protected] or contact 211-7789 / 0917-824-0213. For more information, visit

Toni Alvarez

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