Justices justifying thievery

This one from Business World columnist René B. Azurin:

In essence, the 10 concurring justices have made protecting and absolving a colleague more important than upholding a logic or justice or moral principle. To see such protect-and-defend-a-fellow-member behavior in some insignificant e-group might conceivably be dismissed, but to see this exhibited in the highest court of justice in the land has some weighty implications. It means that justice, even at the most rarefied levels, is not based on what is right or fair or true, but on whether the group of which you are a member has the power to protect or absolve you. This is why thieves flourish in this unfortunate country.

The cynic in me thinks it is because absolving a colleague more important than upholding logic or justice or moral principle is easy. it worked before. It worked with IIRC and hostage taking. It worked with Supreme Court now. It comes naturally because that is our default setting. That’s the national norm.

The optimist in me says this. That norm must change. It starts at the top.

Cocoy Dayao

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