UK, Australia issued travel advisories to Philippines (updated)

A “credible” threat of some sort has gotten the governments of the United Kingdom and Australia to issue a travel ban to the Philippines.

“There is a high threat from terrorism throughout the Philippines. Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places frequented by expatriates and foreign travellers. Such places could include, but are not limited to, airports, shopping malls, places of worship etc,” the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office said on its website.

The Australian Foreign Affairs and Trade Office echoed the warning. “We continue to receive credible reports indicating terrorists are planning attacks against a range of targets in a variety of locations, including places frequented by foreigners… such as large shopping malls and convention centres.”

(entry updated. title changed from ban to advisory. – @cocoy)

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  • This is music to my ears. This is really a great post! Thanks for sharing. A blog really owes its success to its loyal readers and faithful followers.

  • aussie dean

    it is everywhere if we live in fear whats the point of living ..the world lives in fear and i think the goverments use this to scare us and excuses to bump up prices around the world gosh the goverments r more of a threat than people because of the lies

  • UP nn grad

    And THERE IS A BAN from all countries of the European Union. Has been in place for a number of months already, and European tour groups wanting to go to Boracay and other Pilipinas dive sites cancel because they can not get travel insurance.

    The European Commission announced an operating ban on all air carriers certified in the Philippines from 1 April 2010. This follows an audit of the Philippines carried out by ICAO in October 2009. The EU ban has been imposed because the Philippine regulatory authority is unable 😐 to verify that these airlines comply with international safety standards. More information can be obtained on the following website: . We recommend that you avoid flying with Philippine-certified airlines subject to the EU operating ban. See Safety and Security – Local Travel – Air Travel

  • UP nn grad

    Tim: the Australia advisory website mentioned Manila. :

    Reliable reports indicate that terrorist attacks may be imminent in Manila, including places frequented by foreigners such as large shopping malls and convention centres.

    … did not say what day of the month, though. 😐

  • jose dennis flores

    For countries like the UK, Australia and the US to issue such warnings should push our security forces to beef up security coounter-measures. Even though our resources are limited I am sure we can do something to minimize the civilian death toll should the incident happen.

    I remembered the days when the cathedral in our city was bombed. I can still remember the stench of blood and the few pieces of flesh that were scattered as we did the clean-up. I pray this will not happen again.

  • Tim

    Should would be useful to be a little more exact other than the entire country is under threat. Sobra bobo…

  • lol

    lol, im a proud pinoy