Analyst— PNoy may follow in Obama’s footsteps (updated)

The inquirer quoted a paper by “Pacific Strategies and Assessments“:

In a paper titled “Chasing a Legacy: Assessing Aquino’s Ability to Impact Change,” Pacific Strategies and Assessments (PSA) warned that like that of his US counterpart, Mr. Aquino’s change agenda appeared likely to fail to institute reforms for the great majority.

“Approximately 100 days into office, it appears that the bubble of expectations around Noynoy (Mr. Aquino’s nickname) is beginning to burst,” PSA said in the October 2010 paper that it had prepared for its clients, one of which furnished the Philippine Daily Inquirer a copy.

“The dynamics are not too dissimilar to the shared doubt being cast on US President Barack Obama because he simply has not lived up to the hype and soaring-oratory expectations of those who voted for him,” PSA said in reference to the losses suffered by the US President’s Democratic party in the midterm elections.

This isn’t analysis. It is conjecture and speculation. The two are “parallel” situations— words that are loosely used and there are myriad differences. One of the differences is how alliances are formed in Congress. Winning the Presidency also gave him control of the House. The US game is different of course.

At this point in the game it is too early to tell whether Aquino will succeed. For one thing, there isn’t even a budget on the table. We are operating under the previous regime’s budget. Ergo, there are limited moves made.

There have been some changes in how the system worked. PAGASA and DOST have some major improvements in the last hundred days. The swift action of the government during the recent Super Typhoon Juan as opposed to Ondoy, was refreshing. The lack of sirens in official vehicles is— a major step forward.

That’s not to say there aren’t huge questions— the botched hostage taking and more importantly the lack of charges filed against major Aquino allies is particularly demoralizing.

Cocoy Dayao

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