San Juan target of terror plot

This one from ABS-CBN:

MANILA, Philippines – Terrorists are allegedly planning to sow havoc in the city of San Juan and other parts of Metro Manila, intelligence reports obtained by ABS-CBN News revealed.

One document, which came from the government’s Office for Transportation Security (OTS), said a terror attack in the city could occur anytime between September to December.

“A terrorist group from Sulu is planning to deploy in San Juan, Metro Manila this coming September to conduct bombing operations against a still unidentified target,” the report warned.

“Terrorists who underwent the training would be the ones who would be sent to carry out the mission… to retaliate for the terrorists’ losses to the government’s counter-terrorist operation,” it added.

heads up via @kabayan2010 on twitter.

Cocoy Dayao

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  • UP nn grad

    What does Malacanang want Pinoys-in-Manila to believe? Malacanang better get its communications straight. Because:

    PH calls for terror warnings to be downgraded
    Agence France-Presse
    First Posted 17:49:00 11/04/2010
    MANILA, Philippines—The Philippines on Thursday urged the United States and other allies to downgrade travel warnings about an imminent terrorist attack in Manila, saying it had not monitored any such threat. …. But Department of Foreign Affairs spokesman Ed Malaya said local security authorities disagreed with the advisories. “They are not really seeing any imminent threat,” Malaya said on dzBB radio.

    National police chief Director General Raul Bacalzo also insisted there was no increased danger. “There is no specific area [of attack], no specific plan, no specific group,” Bacalzo told reporters. . . . . “So far, we have not validated any specific threat information,” he said.