Statement on the Official Facebook Fan Page of President Benigno S. Aquino III

Secretary Sonny Coloma published this on the President’s Facebook page:

12 November 2010

On August 16, 2010, we opened the Official Website and Social Networking Sites of President Benigno S. Aquino III. We were aware of the Facebook Management policy that states: “Only the official representative of an organization, business, celebrity, or band may create a Facebook Page.”

Facebook Management implemented this policy early this week. That’s almost three months after we opened President Aquino’s Official Facebook Fan Page.

There is another policy of Facebook Management which states clearly, “If you would like to create a Facebook presence for a celebrity or organization, and you are not officially authorized to do so, please create a Facebook group instead, as this may be created and maintained by any user.”

It is clear from the foregoing policies that Facebook Management seeks to minimize confusion that may arise from the existence of more than one Official Facebook Fan Page for a public official — in this case, for President Aquino.

In the light of these developments, we invite everyone to visit and participate in President Aquino’s Official Facebook Fan Page. We wish to emphasize that this is an inclusive page. We value the free expression of diverse opinions which, after all, is an essential element in a vibrant democracy like ours.

Sonny Coloma
Secretary, Presidential Communications Operations Office

The ProPinoy Project

  • martin john f. alviz ,

    Dear Mr/Sir: President,

    Magandan araw po sa inyo mr.President,ako ay nagtratrabaho sa isa rin government agency dito po sa National Government.ako po ay isang contructual or service agreement kung tawaggin po kmi d2.nabasa ko po ang letter from DBM ang mga excemption sa pag calim ng 13month pay?kmi po kc ay no employee/employer relationship dito sa company at malinaw din po na di kami maka2sama sa BONUS e2.Ibig po bang sabihin na ito ay ala na po kmi matatanggap na bonus sa kbila po ng pag tratrabaho sa company na eto gayun lhat ng nagtrabaho sa agency,private atbp.ay mayron natatannggap??Di po unnfair para sa amin na kung sino pang nagbibigay ng pahintulot mna bigyan lhat ang mga taong nagtrabo ay maka2tanggap ng 13months kami pa e2ng nsa governmnt?masama po sa loob sir sna mbasa nyo po e2 na tlgang naka2panghina pra smin ang walang makuhang bonus..

    maraming salamat po!

    • baycas ,

      the problem lies in the transition from fan page for the SENATOR to fan page for the PRESIDENT.

      facebook (possibly prodded by coloma) didn’t distinguish the two. coupled with that is coloma’s initial lack of “giving-credit-where-credit-is-due” thing (for “the SEN” fan page).

      it also appears that most of the fans for “the PRES” fan page are just lifted from “the SEN” fan page.

      • arikdik ,

        pagkatapos gamitin nuong eleksyon basta nalang gagawan ng ganun. kung makapag ganun-ganun si colona parang ganun.

        sarap mag mura ngayon pero e a unlike ko nalang ang page na ginawa ni colona para di masayang ang matamis ko na PUTANGNA SI COLONA!!!!

        • Cocoy ,


          to answer your question… there is no way to transfer the fans from Totanes’ page to the “official” page unless Coloma asked Facebook for it and Facebook transferred it.


          1. Yes, if i am not mistaken this is the volunteer fan page used during the campaign.
          2. I think Totanes and the volunteers running it could answer that question.
          3. probably. that’s the only way to do it. Facebook intervened.
          4. the data was probably transferred.
          5. probably
          6. the answer to question 2 could determine this.
          7. Totanes had more fans than the “official” page that Coloma’s people created. Totanes’ site grew organically because of the campaign.

          I encourage everyone to transfer this discussion to PNoy you just lost one die-hard supporter. As a matter of consolidating responses.

          • mannyts ,

            some questions not directly answered by the statement:
            1. what was the role and status of the original page set up by the volunteers before May 10? after June 30? Was it recognized by Pnoy’s group during the campaign as a page for supporters?
            2. was there any contact (formal or informal, documented/e-copy) between the group of Sec. Coloma and the volunteers after june 30? did they request the volunteers to turn over the page to Malacanang?
            3. did facebook closed the original fan page on its own or did Sec. Coloma’s group requested for it?
            4. how did the new page accumulate its more than a million of fans within a short period?
            5. the volunteers said that the original page is a page for supporters and not a page of the “idol”. couldnt they just have agreed on a change in the name or title of the page?
            6. were the volunteers given any due respect and courtesy about the need to close their page?
            7. is the new page serving a new purpose that the original page could not do? what is the difference between the two, aside from the “official” tag?

            • manuelbuencamino ,

              Totanes is accusing Coloma of theft. Is there any way we can get an explanation from Coloma or his undersecretary other than an official statement? Did he really get more than a million members from the old account?

              I saw a screengrab of someone happy, called sending out a message (I think it’s on Facebook): George Syliangco “I thank the OSG team led by AMvic Taruc for their support. We have successfully taken over the media assets with her guidance. Tank you Amvic ! Esquivel ! …Lam mo na who to bring in”

              “Successfully taken over the media assets” sounds like a euphemism for theft. On the other hand, the official statement is saying they only took what is now rightfully theirs because PNoy is now the prez and theirs is the only authorized blah blah blah..

              I don’t use Facebook so I don’t really understand what happened… is there a good and bad guy here?