Manny Pacquiao wins 8th World Title on unanimous decision

Congressman Manny Pacquiao beat Antonio Margarito in unanimous decision. The win gave him his 8th world title. Entering the fight, Margarito looked huge and devastating. Pacquiao used his speed and powerful punches to change Margarito’s face. Towards the end, Pacquiao was generous, asking Margarito if he was ok. Pacquiao throttled back his punches in the 12th round to let Margarito end the match as a warrior.

Officially, the score was 120-108, 119-109, 118-110 Pacman.

The New York Times wrote:

Perhaps Pacquiao perfected his fight formula at his new favorite venue, Cowboys Stadium. In the last eight months, he won more here than the Cowboys, while headlining two fights that sold nearly 100,000 seats.

With Pacquiao’s growing political ambitions — the current Congressman truly believes one day he will become president — even Roach wonders how much longer Pacquiao will fight. Perhaps three bouts. Maybe four. But someday soon, Pacquiao will permanently trade boxing for politics, and if a fight against Mayweather again fails to materialize, the list of challengers seems thin, at best.

Pacquiao proved that Saturday, as boxing’s favorite Congressman ran circles around Margarito and made history, once again.

Photo credit: Frederick Manligas Nacino (Opusdeiphotography)

Cocoy Dayao

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  • Bert ,

    I heard his name now is “Flora Mayflower”.

    • Cocoy ,

      I heard differently. There was a twitter joke going around that it was “Gayweather

      • manuel buencamino ,

        I heard Floyd Mayweather just changed his name to Flo Marywhether

        • Bert ,

          You’re right, mario. It’s so embarrassing being paid a hefty over 3 million dollars for a mere 12 rounds sweat, :). Even Margarito, inspite all his loquacity, was red in the face, hehehe.

          • mario taporco ,

            Absolutely no comparison. If you were to judge The Pacman’s speed to Margarito’s towering height, it was the sure prowesses of Manny Pacquiao. This dude is just an awesome Filipino boxer.

            From round 1 till the end, absolutely none, what so ever.

            After seeing this fight tonight, Mayweather might as well put himself in jail. Just to avoid embarrassments.