Pulse Asia says Aquino trust rating at 80 percent (Updated)

This from the Philippine Star:

Based on the survey, conducted from October 20 to 29, the President has garnered an 80 percent overall trust rating among Filipinos, with those in the Visayas granting him the highest ratings.

Mr. Aquino also posted an overall performance rating of 79 percent, the survey showed.

The poll also showed that across the socio-economic groupings, 74 percent to 83 percent approved of the President’s performance, while 78 percent to 85 percent expressed trust to the President.

The President got high approval ratings despite the August 23 Luneta hostage-taking incident, which resulted to the deaths of eight Chinese tourists, and other controversies that hounded his administration.

UPDATE: ABS-CBN on the other hand spun it as “Aquino’s approval rating drops 9 points: Pulse Asia.”

Cocoy Dayao

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