What is shared leadership?

Harvard Business Review published, Marshall Goldsmith’s Sharing Leadership to Maximize Talent:

Here are some suggestions for sharing leadership and maximizing talent.

  • Give power away to the most qualified individuals to strengthen their capabilities.
  • Define the limits of decision-making power.
  • Cultivate a climate in which people feel free to take initiative on assignments.
  • Give qualified people discretion and autonomy over their tasks and resources and encourage them to use these tools.
  • Don’t second guess the decisions of those you have empowered to do so.
  • Consider yourself a resource rather than the manager.
  • Set appropriate follow-up meetings to review progress and take corrective action if necessary.

If you do delegate more to people who are closer to the customer and allow them to take on challenging responsibilities, you will find that you have more time. You will spend less time directing their projects and you may even develop a sense of accomplishment from the achievements of your people rather than from your own direct efforts. Even better, your employees may feel they are more like partners and become more engaged ultimately paving the road for greater success for the organization, the team, and themselves.

Cocoy Dayao

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