Gawad Kalinga's Handbags of Hope

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Are you fond of designer bags? How about bags of the famous Philippine celebrities?

Why not go to this handbag auction by Gawad Kalinga. Below is an excerpt from

Handbags for Hope is the brainchild of TV newscaster Connie Sison.  While doing a segment on Gawad Kalinga, she interviewed GK champion Dylan Wilk, a British guy who left his rich lifestyle in England to come to the Philippines and help the poor.  It was Dylan’s life changing testimonial that planted the idea in Connie’s head.

Dylan was in the top 10 richest men list (under 30) in England when he met a Filipina who said that she could have built two homes back in the Philippines with the cost of her airline ticket.  He was intrigued.  “What houses are these that cost the price of a handbag?  Who are these people living in handbags?” Dylan said amazed. This statement lingered on Connie’s mind.

Connie was a fan of designer handbags and she knew other women who were fond of it too. She knew how it felt to give in and purchase a finely crafted, functional leather piece.  And sometimes these purses just sit inside the closet temporarily forgotten until the next spring cleaning.  These ladies find it difficult to part with their prized possession.

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