What's with education budget cut ranting all about?

This one from, William Esposo’s As I wreck this chair column:

Sec. Abad clarified that the P2.8 billion of the GAA allocation for SUCs are considered Congressional Initiatives (CIs) which are subjected to a conditional veto in the 2010 GAA by the previous President. The conditional veto says that CIs can only be released subject to new revenue measures passed by Congress.

So, the question screams at you – what education budget cuts are they ranting about? Still, another question screams at you – what SUCs budget cuts are they ranting about? Clearly, the P-Noy administration is true to its campaign pledge that it will prioritize education but you must wonder if all those who have been ranting about education budget cuts learned arithmetic at all.

In a memorandum to P-Noy, Sec. Abad rationalized the 2011 P23.4 billion for SUCs, as follows:

1. SUCs have a total of P19.1 billion in cash advances as of end of 2009 that the SUCs could and should use. The average SUC had P65.8 billion in cash advances, equal to 41.3 percent of their expenditures. The largest, P11.9 billion, belonged to the University of the Philippines (oddly one of the noisiest in ranting against the budget cuts).

2. On a more fundamental level, the utilization of public funds for tertiary education is highly regressive, and with the scarcity of funds, other more pressing needs that will benefit such as basic education which benefits more poor students had to be prioritized.

According to the latest Philippine Public Expenditure Review (PER) by the World Bank (WB), the distribution of public school enrollment becomes increasingly skewed in favor of richer households as the level of education rises.

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