Make the entire web your social network

The social times published:

500 million of us have a Facebook profile, but what if the socializing there could be expanded to the entire web? The creators of Googlin, a social web surfing application, are hoping that an immersive social web experience – from CNN’s homepage to your Google searches – is the next generation. With Googlin, you create an avatar and use it to represent yourself on the webpages you visit, interacting with others who are on that same page, at the same time.

Think of Googlin as positioning itself as your everyday, everywhere online profile. Rather than only connecting to people when you log on to a social network, Googlin bring the social with you around the web.

The first step is, of course, creating your avatar. You can choose from a few dozen hairstyles, shoes, shirts, eye shapes and more, customizing your avatar to represent you.

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