Archbishop Oscar Cruz on RH Bill: The battle is joined

Everyone’s favorite Archbishop threw down the gauntlet in his latest blog entry,

Now it can be said in the open and with certainly: The Battle is joined. No more “ifs” and “buts”. No more empty “talks” and vain “dialogues” for show. No more vague “perhaps” and “just in case” posturing for public consumption. The now firmly standing reality is that there are two principal contesting parties in conjunction with the infamous Reproductive Health Bill: One appears like a big giant, having all the power of the office and the command of public funds. The other one has but the tenure of truth based on faith and reason. The former has become popular and even endearing to the general public. The latter has been abandoned by her supposed following, in addition to appearing like one good joke.

IMHO, I share Jay’s take on this. He wrote in Redrawing the Ciricle,

In the realm of public opinion, church and state are already separate, so why bother to fight the CBCP and accord it more power, more influence, and more exposure than it ought to have, entitled though it may be to a voice in the peanut gallery of our rowdy democracy? Enshrined in the Constitution is the freedom of expression, which necessarily includes the freedom to ignore. The battle for the passage of the RH bill, at this particular juncture at least, is not with the bishops, but with the nominally honorable members of Congress. As blogger iwriteasiwrite has suggested, dialogue with the Catholic Church can—and should—resume after the bill has been passed into law.

Cocoy Dayao

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