how to start a reuse revolution business in your community

So you got too much clutter?

Social entrepreneur Lisa Hernandez created the Long Beach Depot for Create Reuse.

Think recycling with a social entrepreneurial twist.

According to Kyla Fullenwider, these five steps can help you get started on a similar venture:

a. create your business name and plan— the latter is also important even if you are non-profit. It is a way to flesh out who you are.
b. File as non-profit— depending on where you are you could get some tax-deductible donations.
c. Find a central location— according to the article, teachers and artists may be your regular customers.
d. curate your collection— you may need to filter in only what you want to accept
e. build your community— while not a cash cow, it could turn a modest profit and support local artists.

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