Dear PNoy: Why didn’t my wife get her full bonus?

I just want to put it to the attention of Pnoy or any government person out there. What’s the standard procedure in releasing the Christmas bonuses promised to government employees? Media has announced the amount of the bonuses on air and in print over the last week or so. My question is why didn’t my wife receive the whole amount? According to Pnoy, the bonuses should be received in full whether you’re a regular or a contractual employee. According to my wife, they have certain item numbers including it seems item 0 which is basically saying you have no item and management of the government office involve can do anything they want with their account. What happens to the amount slashed from the employees? Where does it go? How can these employees find out that whether or not they were given their fair share?

Pnoy has promised a government of accountability and transparency. I hope they explain to their people what’s what.

Thanks for your day.


Alejandro Colcol

(via email)

Disclaimer: From time to time, The Pro Pinoy Project publishes letters or comment sent to us by our readers.  This is one of them.

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