More on PNoy cozying up with China

The Editorial of the Philippine Daily Inquirer reads: Nobel Please Prize,

To dishonor a human-rights victim like Liu Xiaobo, then, is to break forcefully away from our traditions. Experts at the DFA or advisers in Malacañang might think this was only realpolitik, but in fact it was realpolitik that damaged the country’s own standing in the international community. (And it was realpolitik done less than competently; why did the DFA and the Palace wait until news reports identified the Philippines as one of those aligned with China’s irresponsible boycott of the ceremony before issuing clarificatory statements?)

One thing is clear. Like other countries who decided to boycott the ceremony, the Philippines had something in common with Liu Xiaobo: We were held hostage by an emerging superpower increasingly impatient with the usual niceties. But at least the absent prizewinner won his status out of conviction. We fell into ours out of convenience.

Over at Twitter DJB talked about the same topic and said it best,

Where the heck is my MAO PIN?

I think it is sitting right next to mine.

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