PNoy’s popularity is more about us, than him?

PNoy first 100 days
President Benigno Simeon Aquino swarmed by cheering students, teaching and non-teaching personnel of La Consolacion College Manila for his first 100 Days Town Hall Meeting with theme “Isang Daang Araw Sa Isang Daang Matuwid: Report Kay Boss” on Thursday, October 07, 2010 at the school’s auditorium. The proceedings were attended by representatives from multi-sector groups from the business, media, Gawad Kalinga Kapitbahayan Residents, indigenous people, environment, religious and ecumenical groups, Yellow Army volunteers, LGUs, transport and market vendors. (Photo by: Jay Morales/ Malacañang Photo Bureau).

Cito Beltran in Joke only? wrote,

Ever since President Noynoy Aquino was elected, his people have consistently shoved his high ratings at the face of his critics. Tactically speaking this helps keep their enemies in place and makes criticism a lot harder to justify.

People have even asked me: “how do we reconcile the reality of poor or average performance versus P-Noy’s consistently high-ranking?”

I am no social scientist but on a personal level, I sincerely believe that every Filipino wants P-Noy to succeed but that should not be mistaken as popularity on his part. While we did not all vote for him, we are all one with him because another failed and disappointing administration is unacceptable.

P-Noy’s score if you will, is no longer about P-Noy’s popularity as narrow-minded surveys would have you think. Rather his scores are more about us than about him. The scores are a reflection of our collective aspiration for change and progress and an equal dose of denial, that people are beginning to be annoyed or let down because of many un-kept P-Noy promises or poor performance of his amateur team.

Thinking about it some more now, he does have a point.

Cocoy Dayao

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