PH ‘a basket case,’ China ‘paranoid’—leaked cables

PH ‘a basket case,’ China ‘paranoid’—leaked cables

SYDNEY – The Philippines is a “basket case” that could become a haven for terrorists while China is paranoid, according to top Australian diplomats who were quoted in leaked diplomatic cables that were published Wednesday.

The memo of October 2008 talks between Australia and the United States, handed to WikiLeaks and published exclusively by the Sydney Morning Herald, gave a scathing assessment of the “troubled” Asia-Pacific region.

The Herald reported top foreign official David Ritchie referring to “an increase in illegal immigration from Indonesia… continuing political instability in Thailand; the basket case of the Philippines.”

It said that there was an “ongoing downward slide in the Philippines, where the collapse of the peace process in the south threatened to make this area the new regional incubator of terrorist jihadis.”

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