Pinky de Leon: a mother’s pain relieved

After 15 years, Hubert Webb and his co-accused have waited for vindication when they were acquitted of killing Lauro Vizconde’s family in 1992. It was a sweet victory for the group who suffered 15 years in jail. But while they are happy, no one is happier than their mothers. Elizabeth Webb may be the first person who comes to mind the face of a suffering mother but one must not forget Pinky de Leon, mother of Webb’s co-accused Antonio “Tony Boy” Lejano.

De Leon, a former actress could not hide her tears of joy upon seeing her son released from jail Tuesday. Asked what she plans for her son’s first day as a freed man, she said that she would cook for him. “He loves steak,” De Leon said in an interview. Like Elizabeth Webb, De Leon said that this Christmas would be the best now that her son is a free man.

But time has taken its toll between the mother and son.  In an interview, De Leon who is now based abroad said that she took Tony Boy to a mall in Alabang and according to her he could not hide his tears.

“He cried. Tumatawa siyang ganoon, kunwari pero malungkot na malungkot siya. Siguro iniisip niya, hindi na niya kilala yung lugar na iyon. 15 years. Wow, these people are going on with their lives. I’m only starting now,” De Leon told ABS-CBN’s Karen Davila.

De Leon said that she and Tony Boy are taking their time slowly starting all over again. She mentioned that her son has become quiet and barely recognized him.

De Leon also told Davila that she sometimes regretted a decision not to send her son abroad when she had the opportunity after seeing his life in jail. But when she told Tony Boy about it, he refused and decided to face the trial even if he knew he could end up in jail.

“”When I saw him over the past 15 years, sometimes I regret it.  Sana pinilit ko na lang,” she said.

With the nightmare behind her now, De Leon said that she wants to make things right for her son. Although she has forgiven Jessica Alfaro, the star witness who implicated Tony Boy in the crime, she plans to sue Alfaro.

“I want Jessica to come backs so she can clear these things. Tell them who concocted and put the names of these boys together. Sabihin mo sino ang gumawa ng script na ito,” De Leon said.

It has been four days but Hubert Webb , Tony Boy Lejano and the others are taking time to get to know the world all over again.  No one knows what will happen next but for now one can say that a mother’s pain has been relieved…for now.

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