Pro-life president Eric Manalang on the Pope and condoms

When I was assigned the article, “Religion gets in the way of safe sex”, for IRIN News (the humanitarian news and analysis agency of the UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs), my editor reminded me to get the point of view of religious and pro-life groups to ensure a balanced report.

In the context of the unprecedented rise in HIV infections in the country, I was to get  the reaction of public health officials,  HIV/RH activists and religious groups on the pope’s statement on condoms and if its impact on the reproductive health debate, if any.

I called Pro-Life President Eric Manalang for a comment and he asked me to email my questions first before giving a reply. I obliged and received a reply from Mr. Manalang the next day.

The story, “Religion gets in the way of safe sex” did not make it to IRIN News, but apart from here on, it was published on I informed Mr. Manalang, that  his reply to my e-mail would be printed in full — as per his request —  on both websites.

Below is the email of Mr. Manalang, which has not been edited (save for formatting and punctuation) or cut.

Dear Ana,

Thanks for calling.This may or may not be the interview you may want,you will notice as you read on.

Nothing personal but it  seems awkward for you  and almost impossible for me to get a fair result from this interview (your boss has an agenda am sure), seeing  that IRIN, a part of UN, already has made certain conclusions with regard to RH, population agenda and poverty and the HIV problem , as well as infers at the very least a certain media bias already as to the “focus only on  the Condom portion ” of the statement by the HOLY FATHER (with much of secular MEDIA misleading many Catholics and non-Catholics).

HIV is a problem of promiscuity, abstinence and faithful family life is the key values needed. Look at Thailand vs. Philippines on HIV vs. condom promotion.Where is the HIV epidemic? In Thailand!

Kindly yourself, Catholic or not,  consider that The POPE did not change any existing teaching nor commandment,it is the secular media that translates it to meet its liberal/left leaning agenda, PDI included, when it comes to fighting and destroying  objective morality and decency.

No population, no economy because no producers and no  consumers. Simple truth. Poor people are the source of growth in an economy, not the wealthy.


There are TEN COMMANDMENTS not less nor more. Bad morality brings bad policies,what else can we expect ?

The UN, a supposedly unifying international body is now a “TUTA” ( pardon my taglish) of the USA and EU and many fabulously funded Foundations (Packard,Ford,etc) whose agenda is to depopulate countries like the Philippines. WHAT!!?? Is the UN unifying for or against HUMANITY? RH using health as a convenient smokescreen lie is  to mislead the poor that children are burdensome.

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

A war against our women’s wombs has been launched. Scary indeed. But we fight!

Stop corruption not the population! Build schools, more teachers, more real health facilities for survival, not RH, abortion fronts. Empower the poor with education,education education.

If you’re in need of an interview, just ask the PLCPD. Maybe they will be happy to oblige with lies and falsities from selected data and RH  biased experts for the MDG.

Funny how many of  the progressive blocs of Akbayan, Bayan Muna, feminists, environmentalists, etc. have sided with the enemy, a.k.a imperialist USA, in pushing the over population myth agenda and so interview them as well. Hypocrisy betrays consistency.

I hope you kindly understand the  point clearly.

Knowing that this short piece may not land on the IRIN news, I kindly require that if printed it be done in whole,or not at all. I reserve my right to it.

Of course STRICTLY,for LOVE and LIFE and FAMILY.

Merry Christmas to you  and your love ones Ana..MABUHAY!

God bless,


Photo credit: Some rights reserved by Trishhhh

Ana Santos

Ana is a journalist by education and now by profession, after taking a few detours in the corporate world of banking. She is also a sexual health rights activist as a matter of choice and passion.

As an independent journalist and foreign correspondent covering sexual health rights and women in armed conflict, Ana has received media grants from Newsbreak, Probe Media Foundation and the Philippine Press Institute to cover population and development issues. Recently, Ana also took on the post of Associate Editor for Illustrado, a Dubai-based lifestyle magazine for overseas Filipinos.

In 2009, Ana founded Sex and (SAS), a website that promotes positive sexuality in the context of informed choice among young women.

"Happy Even After", a spin-off of SAS, is a candid and sometimes humorous look at the perils and pressures of solo parenting in one of the two remaining countries in the world where divorce is not legal.

  • Ichiro Ochiro

    Post your questions too, please. 🙂

  • Ichiro Ochiro

    Post your questions too, please. 🙂

  • GabbyD

    i’m curious; what were your questions?

    i cant help but notice that he totally ignored your questions, and basically said whatever he wants.

    so, is it true your questions are biased?

  • GabbyD

    i’m curious; what were your questions?

    i cant help but notice that he totally ignored your questions, and basically said whatever he wants.

    so, is it true your questions are biased?