MMDA: Bus explodes in EDSA Buendia Northbound; Ayala to Buendia Closed to traffic!

The MMDA reported that a Bus has exploded along EDSA Buendia, heading North bound. Traffic is being routed through The Fort.

update 1: ANC interviewed NCRPO Chief Dir. Bartolome on bus explosion, and confirmed that explosion happened at the middle part of bus, underneath passenger seat

update 2: ABS CBN reported that blast killed 2, and injured 15.

Update 3: Maria Ressa tweeted: EDSA N/B closed indefinitely from Ayala to Buendia. Affected vehicles, take McKinley or Buendia f/o or C5 or SLEX.

Here are images from MMDA:

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  • crust

    Bakit kasi binalewala ni P-Noy yung advisory ng ibang bansa…

  • Nakakatakot na sumakay ng bus. T.T

  • Felicity

    US Embassy says it’s 2 killed, 18 wounded.

    • Cocoy

      last i heard, 4 dead, 15 injured. i guess we’ll wait a few hours to update with the right figure.

  • anu ba yang nangyayari sa bansa natin? una… ung sa hostage takin.. tapos ngaun pagsabog naman? haixzt.. kakatakot na !! im just 14yrs old pero nakakapagsalita na ko about this problem because im so scared na :((

    • Cocoy

      This too shall pass.

      • crust

        …without being resolved?

      • crust

        This should not pass. THIS SHOULD BE RESOLVED!

  • bomba daw… =/

    • Cocoy

      yep toni 🙁 stay safe.