The head, heart, hands and health of 4H Club

Fresh from their victory in the recently held 8th Search for the Ten Accomplished Youth Organization (TAYO), The Pagaypay 4H Club of Barangay Pagaypay, Passi, Iloilo already has a growing number of young adults who are very keen in joining their club.

Based on a story in Manila Bulletin, these Passi youngsters teach the youth the importance of agriculture while elevating their town’s economic opportunities by maximizing the use of its natural resources. Pagaypay 4H Club teach members how to farm, raise swine and chicken and process pineapple wine.

Lanie Gaspar, Public Information Officer of 4H Club and a former SK Chairman likewise stressed that joining their club has a lot of benefits, especially for teenagers.

“Sa club kasi namin, hindi lang kami natututo, kikita pa kami dahil sa mga livelihood

activities namin. Dati walang ginagawa yung mga kabataan sa amin kundi mag party, manigarilyo, uminom, mag inom at maglakwatsa. Pero ngayon nakakatulong pa sila sa mga magulang nila. 4H means Head for thinking, Heart for greater loyalty, Hands for larger service, and Health for better living,”

Using only Php 1,000 as a start-up capital, 4H Club were able to produce 25 bottles of pineapple wine using the knowledge they have acquired from Department of Science and Technology’s (DOST) fruit processing training. At a price of Php 180 per bottle, this wine instantly became a hit among locals and tourists.

Aside from working, developing ones personality and character is also important for the club. Thus, 4H Club also do extra-curricular activities like dance, singing and talent contests as well as Search for the Best Parents.

But probably, the most important benefit one can gain from being a member is the monetary help that the members get. Members are now able to help their parents financially in their day-to-day expenses and pay their own tuition in school.

Image Source: Manila Bulletin

Toni Alvarez

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