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The ProPinoy Project

  • jay ar

    The Ninoy Aquino Administration is really trying there best to alleviate poverty and perform there responsibilities especially in helping the poor!

    The 4Ps pogram must be extended for 10 years in order to achive the long term goal.
    more project must be implemented!

  • jessica

    thanks po it help a lot of people who have no job 🙂

  • UP nn grad

    An idea for Noynoy Administration’s DSWD : The BAquino administration is continuing the Arroyo 4P-program, which is good. BAquino can improve on the 4P by making a CHPP program. Not California Highway Police bu Community Health Program Pilipinas. BAQuinino should make a goal — 150 new Health Community centers by 2012; 600 new health community centers by 2014.

    Puwede ring ipangalan, BaCHeP… Benigno Aquino Comunity Health Program… BaCHeP.