The ProPinoy Project Statement RE: Advertising for authors on "ProPinoy" at PinoyExchange

Dear readers,

It has come to our attention that a thread in PinoyExchange has advertised the need for authors on “ProPinoy.” This is not the same ProPinoy as The ProPinoy Project on . The ProPinoy Project does not advocate opposition but the synergy of all points of view; at The ProPinoy Project, there is no opposition, only opinion.

We hope this clarifies any confusion.

The ProPinoy Project

The ProPinoy Project

  • ppnoy here

    Sorry for the late reply

    Please forgive us for the misunderstanding

    I am aware of that so i just abbreviated it to avoid confusion, also we have different agendas and the posts at prpnoy are not related to nor related to the authors in any way

    I Chose the name ProPinoy, it is Antonymous to Antipinoy this blog is a haven for the opposition to express their views against the bandwagon.

    • Cocoy

      Dear ppnoy here,

      The ProPinoy Project’s official statement stands.