Former DND Secretary Angelo Reyes commits suicide (updated)

ANC reported that former Defense and Environment Secretary Angelo Reyes shot himself in the chest and was taken to Quirino Memorial Medical Center in QC.  He was brought to the hospital at 7:45 AM.   Doctors were unable to revive the former Secretary of National Defense.

Angelo Reyes was rushed to the hospital, and declared dead on arrival.  According to ANC’s interview with Health Secretary Ona, when Reyes arrived at the hospital, he didn’t have any blood pressure, cold and bloody with no vital signs.

Noel Alamar (of ABS-CBN) quotes Manalo (PNP) as saying Reyes shot himself in the chest and was rushed to the hospital by his bodyguard.”  The former defense chief reportedly visited his mother’s tomb, then shot himself.

Witnesses say, Mr. Reyes was with two of his children and two aides at the time of his suicide.  He asked them to step away, then shot himself.

@nerveending tweeted, “I read once in a suicide profile that those who fall of fail from a high position most likely to commit suicide.”

Twitterverse was shocked by the death of Secretary Reyes.  @yuriandre tweeted, “Angelo Reyes dead? OMG! I believe there’s bigger money involved in this AFP #plunder scandal.”

The plot thickens,” @momblogger added.

Partylist Representative Teddy Casino remarked, “Reyes’ suicide will cast a shadow over today’s House hearing.  Don’t know how this will affect those attending.”

Jiggy Cruz tweeted, “Oh wow… Just read about Angelo Reyes… Let’s pray for him and his family…”

Cocoy Dayao

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  • Jon

    You people who keep on applauding (or glorifying) the misdeeds of Gen.Reyes have a sordid-misplaced sense of values, morality, and patriotism! Shame on you!

    Imagine, you defending a corrupt general and finding fault on the person who is supposed to be helping the the country find the truth?

    “Cast the first stone?” ano gusto nyo, wala na mamansin ng me maling ginagawa? kanya kanyang kunsinti na lang? no one is trying to be righteous here, but please, think people!

    Humiliation? why, was Sen. Trillanes alone with him when that incident took place? In fact, it was more humiliating when Sen. Miriam called Gen. Reyes the “greatest moron” during the senate hearings… Pero me nagreklamo ba? wala…

    Remember people, it was not Sen. Trillanes who pulled the trigger, it was Gen. Reyes himself who decided to end his life… a cowardly way of facing (or evading) the truth!

  • Gen. Reyes failed to appreciate that you cannot live a life of honor and separate oneself as an icon of perfection from the organization that you are responsible and accountable for. It smacks of an ego gone amuck. Ones ethical standards cannot be situational that one can take on and off.

    “evil sometimes seems good
 to a man whose mind
 a god leads to destruction.” Anonymous

    Excerpts from a piece by Malou Manghahas on purportedly the words of Gen. Reyes on the issues raised against him.

    “Honor, truth, but there must be justice. And justice can be served if laws are applied evenly and well – not favoring the rich and powerful. I hope my case/situation will not be used as something that would bring closure to the issue of military corruption. The fight to reform the system and the entire country must continue; the sad part is that they are selectively targeting individuals and institutions.”

    “I did not invent corruption. I walked into it. Perhaps my first fault was in having accepted aspects of it as a fact of life.”

    “While I am familiar with finance, I must admit I had scant knowledge of military comptrollership.”

    ” Personally, zero experience. Never been assigned as disbursement officer, etc., no stint. It’s a military field of specialization that I do not have.”

    “No system is perfect. The AFP system needs a lot of systemic solutions…And the same might be true of some other institutions.”

    “Tinyente pa ako, ganyan na ang sistema (i.e., “conversion” system, etc.)… I can perhaps be faulted for presuming regularity in a grossly imperfect system. As CS (chief of staff), a big landscape, presume regularity, convenient to ignore it, accept it as part of the system. It’s easy to say, institute reforms after the problems have erupted.”

    “I joined EDSA II at great risk. Jumped into a void. Coming from a place that was high and comfortable. Without any regard for compensation or recognition or reward. I thought what I did – being loyal to the Flag and putting the national interest above all else – a right, but I was faulted for not being loyal to the commander-in-chief, that I should have stuck with him to the end, however that end might be. I stuck it out with the GMA administration for 9 years, not under the banner of loyalty; I could have deserted GMA, but I did not want to be branded as someone who abandoned his superiors…”

    “When we participated in many military campaigns, I would like to think that I showed courage…”

  • J_ag

    Hubris. (Apologies for the lengthy piece.

    Military men are schooled and trained for a very unique purpose. To impose violence on other people and to learn how to accept that their life is forfeit once they don a uniform. That implicit power makes them a potent force in any society most especially in states with weak foundations in civilian institutions.

    For anyone to say that the arrogant manner of his inquisitors in the Senate was the proximate cause of Reyes suicide betrays an intellect free mind.

    Instinctively when we see a fellow human being abused even by words our heart tells us that something is wrong. That is what makes us human. Our strong family ties still makes us more emotional that rational.

    However to completely ignore the fact that there were serious allegations bared in that hearing that stripped this man of all pretense to his years of service which he truly believed was for a greater cause. For God and Queen. To keep the country whole, he believed then, he effectively initiated a military coup against a freely elected leader under the terms of a constitutional republic. There are no ifs or buts to what he did.

    A thoroughly reconstructive judicial decision cannot change that. That put GMA on the same level as FM with his flawed autocratic constitution. That opened the door to GMA realizing that the SC could be bent to do her will. She became the arbiter/interpreter of the constitution while sitting as president. When she left she made sure the system she constructed would remain. That is what makes the analogy between her and FM so strong.

    Practically a whole country during World War II believed that it was their duty to kill themselves for King and country and were saved by two nuclear bombs.

    Somehow that mindset must be cultivated to include country in the Philippines. It is not the Filipino that is worth dying for it should be country first.

    We still do not have the groupthink that is critical for nation state building. Our group think is to the person in charge. That can be dangerous when all the institutions in spite of so many laws in place the person in using treasure can bend the human component of these institutions.

    When a state is dependent for its very existence on the a few and is always kept alive on life support deliberately in the name of an ideology the system will always come up with remedies of its own due to the perverse incentives created.

    Humans after all have inborn talents of adoption in the game of economic survival. When the referee can be bought, all sorts of strange things happen.

    Standards of living will always trump ethical standards. It is the referee that sets the standards by his example of being fair and evenhanded. Most people are unaware that the most important social institution in all societies is the market (exchange mechanism). The most important component or pivot of that social institution is price information.

    If he was true to his calling he should have resigned with the entire government of Erap.
    Case in point is the failed state of Somalia..

    What Somali pirates reveal about the global economy
    By Matthew Lynn
    Published: February 10 2011 20:23 | Last updated: February 10 2011 20:23
    “As Somali pirates become ever more audacious, they are regularly portrayed in the press as vicious aggressors, taking innocent people hostage, only to auction them off at vast ransoms. There is much truth in that: on Thursday one pirate band hijacked a US-bound oil tanker even as it emerged that another had killed two Filipino crewmen in late January after a botched rescue mission. But there is another way to assess these buccaneers: as businessmen, who have smartly figured out the way trade is flowing, and how to get their share.”
    “The booming piracy industry is a neat metaphor for our globalised economy. Just about everything you need to know about how money is made and lost is encapsulated in the daily battles between cargo captains and the pirate skiffs in the Somali basin.”

    Piracy has become a strategic sector of their economy. Just like patronage politics here in the Philippines. One of the most ardent supporters of our Sainted Prince was the governor of Quezon. He died in a crash of his own helicopter. He was suspected of being in bed with drug smugglers. Hoe he could afford his own chopper is a mystery.

    Our Sainted Prince wants the elections of the ARRM postponed to avoid the specter of command votes. He wants to appoint OIC’s. Is he kidding? is…

  • UP nn grad

    I can understand Reyes fearing that the muckraking will heave stench and disrepute to the other generals before and after him, stench and disrespute to his family, to the other members of the Cabinet.

    What is dumb about this is that all the muckraking was at congress — Malacanang has not even started any investigations which is the engine to find criminal guilt and jail-time if this is how it ends. Malacanang was an observer, Reyes pulled the trigger, years too early.

    • Bert

      Nakatali nga ang kamay ng Malacanang.

      First GMA’s friend Merceditas won’t give up her position as Ombudsman then she let Garcia off the hook. Second, the Crown’s Supreme Court won’t let the Truth Comm. find the truth.

      UP n, aren’t you glad Congress and the media are there instead, working together, so that this government, our government, can move forward to the straight path to clean governance and progress we are seeking?

      • UP nn grad

        Bert : the “straight-and-narrow path” slogan is rah-rah-sisbumbah nice to listen to, but slogans can only get to so far.

        Congress can NOT send anyone to jail, the media can NOT send anyone to jail. The reason Pinoys-in-Pinas should pick a Persi-dente is for
        clean governance when Malacanang/Executive Department gets the job done. Vrroooom! Vrrroooom! Quick, take pictures. The current administration should do much better than the previous administration; Pinoys in Pinas are waiting maybe the Persidente can orchestrate where jobs for Pinoys-in-Pinas get created plus where Buendia-avenue boom-boom or kidnap and carnap hoods get arrested/tried/ convicted and jailed.

        • Bert

          “Congress can NOT send anyone to jail, the media can NOT send anyone to jail.”-UP n

          Um, ah, umm, I guess you’re right, UP n. But, but, they did send someone to heaven, didn’t they?

          Aren’t you glad they can do that, and maybe they can do some more of that, you know, for the sake of government treading the straight and narrow path. What say you, UP n?

        • UP nn grad

          Uhhhm, finally. Kim Henares says she is getting all the transcripts from the hearings for BIR commissioners to track any AFP folks with undeclared income. Finally, one of the Malacanang special circle of BFF’s has decided to act.

          • UP nn grad

            Oh, wait, not only is Kim female, she is not BFF.

  • We are all capable of meanness and stupidity, being humans. But if you push a man to such a plight of never having a choice, you should stop calling yourselves human.

    If Secretary stays living to fight – his name has been tarnished already impossible to repair, without due process. If he didn’t fight and was indeed guilty, he’d be sent to jail for the rest of his miserable life. This was how his last days were. This is what has angered me so.
    Shame on the creatures who were the architects of this once great man’s plight.

    • olay,

      The existence of a slush fund has been established.
      Did Reyes partake of it? If not, did he tolerate and condone its existence? Those were the only pending questions at the time of his suicide.

      No one pushed Reyes into anything. Reyes made his own bed when he said and did nothing about the slush fund when he was in a position to do something about it.

      You are in effect saying that Reyes would be alive today if not for Rabusa’s expose. So, would you have preferred that Rabusa not gone public with what he knew and experienced first-hand?

      • manuel,

        kindly revert to my original post to understand the source of my outrage.

        trillanes & the humiliation he subjected his former superior & commanding officer to.

        i’m all for the expose & putting the bad guys to jail. but dehumanization tactics? no f*cking way. you educated guys should know better.

        • olay,

          you are mad because you think that Reyes was driven to suicide.

          • well of course when we are out of a logical reply we resort to name calling.


  • balot

    owkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeey. so Mr. Reyes was all i was thinking on my afternoon class. what has gotten into the mind of this man? i mean, wha! such a coward act!!! was he up to some business meeting in the world of the dead???? Take into consideration also the way he died. It was soooooooo dramatic…
    I never knew he was such an emo kiddo. :i

  • saxz

    A very noble man with regards on the Big Syndicate group….Keeping his word of honor and very gentleman on his way na hindi nya nilalaglag un mga kasama nya….ika nga sa usapang lasing kahit ano mangyari di ko kayo idadawit….Kudos to you Angie…welcome to HELL of Fire!!!!

  • omar

    sa aking pagkakaalam sa japan lang may gumagawa ng ganito,pag may government official na dawit sa krimen nagpapakamatay.SALUDO AKO SAYO SIR ‘ANGIE’SANAY TULARAN KA NG IBA PA.sanay mag HARAKIRI narin kayo,at ng di na magamit pa ang pondo ng bayan sa walang katapusang hearing na wala namang nanagot at napaparusahan.sumalangit nawa.

  • jamella divino

    pinakita mo lang na guilty ka sa pag commit mo ng suicide..

    • omar

      sa aking pagkakaalam sa japani lang may gumagawa ng ganito,pag may goverrment official na dawit sa krimen nagpapakamatay.SALUDO AKO SAYO SIR ‘ANGIE’SANAY TULARAN KA NG IBA PA.sanay mag HARAKIRI narin kayo,at ng di na magamit pa ang pondo ng bayan sa walang katapusang hearing na wala namang nanagot at napaparusahan.sumalangit nawa.

  • pirena




  • hardlock

    The general chose the easy way out! Now the Government would not get anything from him… No confession, Information & ill-gotten wealth to recover.
    He’s setting a good example for the other guilty generals, they should follow suit!

  • LeO

    Is it an act of Admission?
    Just a little doubt – Have heard
    a lot of suicice act but those were a shot on the HEAD…

    This is a shot on the chest… ????

  • A loyal and dedicated warrior to his Queen to the end. He took the honorable way out as the officer he was.

    It was reported that he spoke to his Queen last night.

    He deserves the burial reserved for loyal and gallant warriors.

    A first in the annals of this feudal country.

    • Bert

      “He deserves the burial reserved for loyal and gallant warriors.”-J_AG


      A loyal and dedicated warrior to his Queen I agree.

      But not to his King (Erap).

      Loyal and gallant warriors inside the burial ground will rise from their grave, :).

  • rhodora maximo

    Gen Reyes already got what is due to him…there will be more for committing suicide….so lets just pray for his eternal repose.

  • Mykee Antoni

    this is one act of braveness just to cover up whose really the Head behind this mess. He is truly a Man of Honor. He was just stun by the glow of money. But the real score or story is not yet resolved. I pity those soldiers in Mindanao. Up to this time their weaponry is not been upgraded.

    • you’re a dumbass

      ACT OF BRAVENESS?!?!? YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN ME. killing yourself WITHOUT admitting guilt first? i dunno man, sounds like a coward to me. man of honor?!?!? c’mon a MAN would own up to his mistakes. a man of honor would never even do anything that would tarnish his reputation, like accepting tons of cash when you know IT’S WRONG. check your words Mykee Anton.

    • me

      hay naku…kaya pala pati mga WIA at KIA na mga sundalo hindi matanggaptangap ang mga binipisyo ibinili pala ang bahay sa ibang bansa…..kawawa naman ang ang ultimong sundalo

  • Junior

    Hindi kaya palabas lang na nagpakamatay si angelo? di natin alam, maraming pwedeng masangkot na mas maimpluwensang tao sa likod ng anomalyang eto… pwede “sacrifice” kung baga sa chess…

  • amen

    It seems like he’s guilty. But it would have been better if he just confessed, that way he would have been able to help fix the corruption in the armed forces.

  • Angie Reyes Is A PUSSY

    can’t get enough of this story HAHAH makes me all giggly inside. F*ck all of you in the govt, the afp and the pnp. kawawa yung mga sundalo natin, hinahayaan niyo na nga mamatay sa mindanao ninanakawan niyo pa. well mr reyes, i’m pretty sure you’re gonna be all nice cozy in your little spot in hell 😀 enjoiiiiii muthafuckaaaaaa. Mr Aquino in Malacanang, keep up the pressure on these bastard$ coz they won’t learn until you out their stink to the world 😀

  • Rose

    Atleast Reyes is brave enough to admit that he is corrupted by the system and tends to corrupt because that is how our system is designed to be… he is swayed by the lust of money and power… SANA LAHAT NG OFFICIAL NATIN WILL THINK AGAIN… atleast Reyes knew he was wrong… SANA LAHAT NG OFFICIALS NATIN MACONSENCYA NA!!!!

    • shavo

      pag nangyari yun patay lahat ng officials natin 🙂

      • balot

        yeah right!!!! 😀

    • shavo

      pag nangyari yun lahat ng officials natin patay lahat! 🙂

      • me

        whahahaha….thumbs up to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This was an easy escape for him. Sana he would have used his remaining days of his life for good. Admit the corruption and point who are also involve in the AFP corruption. Sinayang lang nya lahat.

  • serves you right

    serves you right ba$stard!!!! GMA you’re next HAHAHAHA now THAT’S justice. yeah yeah pray for his family who also benefited from his ill-gotten wealth. WHATEVER!! WAHAHAHHA

    • me

      masaya na kaya ngayon si mrs reyes?????????????????????????///////sana susunod siya….hehehehehe

  • pirena

    reyes must be guilty…if not, he will surely fight for his name and his family! shame on you, corrupt people of AFP and Phil government! Poor Filipinos..let us pray to cleanse their hearts and minds.

  • issue : committed suicide just to cover up anomalies which is not clear to everyone.


      How comes former PGMA did not advised Sir Angelo Reyes to galantly say “i’m sorry.” Rest in peace general.

  • modmod

    as what ive known a proper burial is not allowed in the cathilic church if he/she commited suicide.. its not just acceptable.. it only PROVES THAT HE’S GUILTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CORRUPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ALL THOSE GENERALS MUST BE PUT INTO CUSTODY BEHIND BARS!

    • pirena

      yes modmod, i agree…just watch, they will surely give this guy a very nice SALUTE…they all the same

      • modmod

        they are now mourning and request for a motion to ajourned todays hearing regarding the “PLEA BARGAIN AGREEMENT OF GARCIA” it must now be allowed cause HE COMMITED SUICIDE!!! only proves that hes guilty.. how can we mourn for a CORRUPT GENERAL WHOOSE WEALTH COMES FROM THE MONEY OF THE PEOPLE

    • I Know Right

      yup. no honor in what he did. none at all. he’s a coward and a thief like so many in the ruling circles of this sordid little country. who knew such an upright (hah!) man could do such a thing.

  • Past week friends and I have been discussing how Trillanes was horribly rude to this guy, considering that he was a former Commanding Officer. Regardless of the corruption he may have done, he did not deserve to be treated like that.

    Shame on you Trillanes, YOU ARE SO NOT an Officer and a Gentleman of the Philippine Military Academy.

    You’ll get yours in God’s time. We decent people are praying fervently for it.

    • girlsabanga

      sen trillanes was jailed for 7 years and more. considering those times of sacrifice, being away from your family,natural lang sa isang tao na maging emotional ka kapag nakita mo yung tao na isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit nangyari yun sayo diba.

    • Sola

      I should get out of house more often; I didn’t know decent people nowadays pray for other people to “get theirs,” as you put it, when they are offended by the apparent rudeness of not following the pecking order.

      Trillanes had been on the butt-end of relentless persecution from politicians and military officials alike, for having the audacity to speak up against the injustices perpetuated by the top officials of AFP. I don’t blame him for feeling the way he did.

      Let’s do a little exercise:


      Replace the terms with Trillanes and his plight, shall we?


      I can never understand how you could express such an opinion (How horribly unspeakably rude! He’s SO not an officer and a gentleman) and not express indignation at the monstrosity of the acts of Reyes and his ilk. Seriously, it bothers me that you do not see the irony of your statement. Here, let me point it out for you: an officer and a gentleman should not—NEVER, in any circumstance—STEAL or ALLOW PLUNDER to happen.

      Why don’t we follow another tack? Do you not feel INDIGNANT at the rottenness of these military men, of these supposed officers and gentlemen, of these supposed guardians of the state? I’m sorry, I know you are entitled to state your opinions, but let me tell you mine: your opinion, frankly, is BULL.

      You DO NOT push aside corruption, you DO NOT regard it as a trifle, something that you mention with the word “REGARDLESS” in the same breath. You DO NOT condone it. There is something seriously WRONG with your statement (to be precise, with the IMPLICATIONS of your statement). Please, think about it. I do not wish to think you are someone who would be appalled by rudeness and not by corruption. Consider your statements carefully.

      • balotzky

        I agree to what you have stated….to quote,”an officer and a gentleman should not—NEVER, in any circumstance—STEAL or ALLOW PLUNDER to happen.”

        The cleaning of servicemen backyards must start from the top ranks down to the low ranking officers….coz the orders and instructions come from the top….a low ranking soldier may be abiding by the values and virtues of a good soldier but may be changed per instruction from the top.

      • Where did I ever say I condone corruption?

        I however, despise people who rob persons of dignity without a chance of defending themselves properly. You know, I’d have the same reaction if he was doing this to a maid or a wash your car boy or a pulubi. Simply abominable attitude from a supposed legislator. Pweh!

        Have you even seen the TV coverage of how your Idol treated Angie? It is not merely rudeness, and you know it. He was full of vengeance and he himself not thinking straight. Come on, has anything productive really come out from any of these idiotic Senate hearings? If you have evidence, shut up and file a case. No humiliation required.

        Now, Trillanes was sent to jail because the entire Filipino people has witnessed his CRIME of not following proper protocol on airing his sentiments. Clearly your adorable leader does not learn his lessons well. But he was properly represented in court. Any time in jail he spent, he deserved it. None of his dignity was taken away. None of us spoke to him in that manner. He had venues to defend himself, highly in contrast to what he and his thugs did to Secretary Reyes, may his soul rest in peace, guilty or not guilty.

        • olay,

          1. Trillanes/Jinggoy were harsh. so what?

          Cry injustice only if reyes was not given a chance to refute rabusa’s allegations.

          But reyes was given a chance to refute rabusa’s allegations. An exception to the rules was made so he could address rabusa directly and ask him questions related directly to the allegations.

          2. “Come on, has anything productive really come out from any of these idiotic Senate hearings?”

          You see, Congress although it has oversight powers is not the institution empowered by the Constitution to prosecute. That power resides with the DOJ, the Courts, and the Ombudsman.

          Thus you are asking the right question but addressing the wrong party.

          The Senate can answer your question by telling you that they have forwarded their findings to the Ombudsman, go talk to her.

          3. “If you have evidence, shut up and file a case. No humiliation required.”

          An oversight committee should not hide its proceeding from public view. The issues it tackles involves matters of a public nature, matters that affect the public welfare.

          An oversight committee looks not only into personal culpability but also at the institutional integrity, its strengths and weaknesses, what needs to be reformed and what needs strengthening.

          It’s a pity that your view of oversight hearings is one-dimensional.

          • pity me all you want kind sir, i’ll just pray for people incapable of taking the high road. toodles.

        • Sola

          OLAY: Where did I ever say I condone corruption?

          I thought I spelled it out in my comment. There’s this thing you do with words on a computer screen, and you might have heard of it. It’s called READING. I am calling you out based on the contradictions in your comment. And the glaring fact that you’re so fixated with this “simply abominable attitude” problem of Trillanes, but there’s nary a peep from you on WHY this series of hearings came about in the first place. It’s worse than not seeing the forest for the trees—you’re busy looking at the brambles stuck in your poor sainted feet.

          The trouble is, people HAD followed protocol and filed cases. Which were dismissed, thrown out the window, mina-jik, nakabinbin, nakasampay, naghihintay sa pasko (sa susunod na pasko), may nabayaran, may tumanggap, ina-reglo, tinakot ang witness, gumamit ng mga proxy, you name it. It does make the blood boil, you know—to use the language of my blood, hindi mo malalaman na ninanakawan ka na ng mga hinayupak na kumag kung hindi pa bombastik yung pagkakalabas ng katotohanan. Case in point: ang hearing na ito, na sa ideal na sitwasyon hindi dapat nangyari; kaya nag-i-imbestiga ang Senado dahil nagkaroon ng plea bargain agreement (na dapat ay hindi, the idea of which shouldn’t have been entertained in the first place. Sorry, naubusan ako ng Tagalog).

        • Sola

          Tingnan mo yung mga reply sa comment mo. Galit silang lahat. (I mean kay Reyes, and the institution which he had come to represent. And we’re talking about GMA et al Corruption Incorporated—just so we’re on the same page.) Which is, incidentally, what I feel as well. Galit. Poot even. Not at Trillanes’ outburst (and btw, stop with the Trillanes-is-your-idol strawman. Nakakalurkei ka, ate), but the fact that people had been thieving and lying systematically.

          I’ll be upfront about it (rather, rephrase for the umpteenth time what I had been saying all along): NALOLOKA ako na you chose to speak about Trillanes’ (isama mo na si Jinggoy at si Miriam) rudeness AND NOT speak about the real issue. (Doon, hindi ka nagpupuyos sa galit?) Naloloka, madam, NALOLOKA. Ika nga ni Vizzini sa pelikulang ginawa noong dekada ochenta na pinamagatang Princess Bride, “INCONCEIVABLE!” Culpable si Reyes for knowing about the system and not doing anything about it, for condoning it, for not prosecuting his men. Did the senators strip Reyes of his dignity? Sabi mo, oo, kasi binastos sya ni Trillanes and co. I say nawala ang dignidad nya the moment na nagawa nyang masikmura yung ginagawa ng mga tauhan nya, yung ginagawa ng superior nya. What is there left to undermine?

          Looking at your earlier comment, my reply, your reply to me, then my reply to your reply (ang haba nun), it would be difficult to make you understand my rather emotionally-charged opinion (and it would be troublesome to make me understand yours, because I am known to cuss [with relish] at TV screens, roadkill, and mediocre people more often than my grandmother would allow me). Forgive me for imposing my views on you, and I’ll forgive you for…I’ll forgive you (period). Pero slight lang.

        • yeyn cortes

          who do you think the person behind angelo reyes?

    • Rose

      you don’t know a thing about what is happening to us in Mindanao… it was in Reyes’ time that the Ampatuan amass great number of high powered firearms… haven’t you seen it in TV? the guns were from DND and he is the Secretary… If Trillanes is speaking out its because its his men who are beheaded (17 Marines) in Sulu because they have known the exchange of guns of AFP and Abu Sayyaff… think again

    • You Get What’s Due You

      uhhhh right. i support Trillanes all the way. unless he starts robbing the people and the soldiers of what’s due them then he’s a dead man sooner or later. it’s called justice my friend. not the law, i’m talking about justice here. 😀 go trillanes. drive all these guys to the gun. imagine a new philippines where people actually respect the law. hard eh? that’s why we gotta get rid of all these ba$stards WAHAHA

    • boy

      all who commit such crimes to country and his fellow men. should commit suicide or be shot. its that simple. in this case sila yung nagpaka sarap sa pera pero di nila tiningnan kung paano kahirap ang buhay sa front lines, pati buhay mo tinataya mo. may god have mercy on their rotten souls.

    • olay,

      “Regardless of the corruption he may have done, he did not deserve to be treated like that.”

      You mean we should be nice to him even if he is proven corrupt?

      • hmmn, maybe you should try thinking about that.

        i’m just calling for civility and not injustice.

  • UP nn grad

    “shot in the chest” and “suicide”…. does not fully compute.

    • Cocoy

      The piece was continuously being rewritten as new developments came to light. The original was only about him being shot and rushed to the hospital.

      • angelo dundee

        Who is next??

        • Romeo

          His excelency maybe


      How comes former PGMA did not advise Sir Angelo Reyes to galantly say “i’m sorry.” Rest in peace general.

      • angelo dundee

        What peace??

    • shavo

      japanese? die rather than to be caught?

      • shavo

        japanese? die rather than to be caught? should have not ended this way, that man is a genius could have think of something else to correct his mistakes.

        “Yes, genius:”

        He graduated as the class valedictorian in high school and was among the top ten graduates of the PMA.

        “He went on to obtain two masteral degrees, namely: Masters in Business Administration from Asian Institute of Management in 1973 and a Master of Public Administration from Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government in 1991. He also took up International Defense Management Course in Monterey, California in 1983.

        In 1987, he graduated No. 1 in Trust Operations Management Course conducted by the Trust Institutes Foundation of the Philippines at the Ateneo Business School which eventually earned him a scholarship to the Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois.”

        • shavo

          could have helped in pointing out other corrupt officials.waste his life..

          • Louie

            It’s because someone higher than him made an influential words triggered him to commit suicide. As you can see there must something big going on which i think been happening for about 10-15 years or more. Well I guess this is the reason why we are not winning the war in Mindanao. Kawawa naman ang mga sundalo natin…

          • UP nn grad

            newspapers now say that Reyes was talking on his cellphone to some people (or maybe only one) minutes before the shooting.

    • boy

      twas the honorable thing to do but he should have written the names of all involved top to bottom before shooting himself.