Vizconde files another motion for reconsideration

Lauro Vizconde Monday filed a second motion for reconsideration asking the Supreme Court to set aside its ruling acquitting Hubert Webb and company in the Vizconde massacre.

Vizconde said the high court ruling should be deemed null and void because Justice Roberto Abad, who wrote the decision, did not disclose that lawyer Mark Hadrian Gamo, the husband of his daughter and chief of staff, Blessilda, worked for the former law firm of Justice Antonio Carpio.

Vizconde said Carpio was a primary defense witness in the case and a friend of the Webb family. The high court had dismissed Vizconde’s first motion for reconsideration.

“By the mere fact that Associate Justice Abad penned the decision without disclosing his link, direct or indirect, with the Webbs, it is submitted that the decision acquitting Webb et al. is clouded with serious doubt, was a tainted judgment, and consequently is null and void,” Vizconde said in his new 19-page motion.

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Con Yap