Is the One China policy dead?

Focus Taiwan, and the Taipei Times both report that former Senator Mar Roxas will be traveling to the island to “mend fences.”

The reaction comes from the deportation of 14 Taiwanese from the Philippines.

In so doing, is the One China policy, effectively dead?

Taiwan, after all is seen by the Philippines and other nations as a province of China.

Does sending a “former senator,” and naming him, “special envoy,” constitute enough “cover” to mask the trip? It is obvious that the Philippine Government, while it prefers to “mend fences,” it does not want to elevate Taiwan into a “true” nation, but does sending a special envoy constitute as, “elevating Taiwan.”

In light of August 23, and the row with Hong Kong, does China’s own provinces and special region make the One China policy, moot?

One thing is certain, Philippine foreign policy, specifically the one toward the region could charitably called, confusing, and may even be dangerously broken.

Cocoy Dayao

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  • Bert

    My take on this is that De Lima and the Justice Department made an error in judgment sending Taiwanese citizens to China instead of to Taiwan. Malacanang, by sending an emissary to Taipeh to appease the Taiwanese government, is sort of admitting the error, but what’s done cannot be undone, so the government just have to grin and bear it and woe to the OFW in Taiwan and to those who are planning to work there.

    De Lima deserved a ‘batok’ on the head from Noynoy, but I don’t think the president can do that.

    Better yet, dapat kutusan si De Lima ng bawat OFW na nasa Taiwan at iba pang may balak magtrabaho roon. Kung minsan kasi, puwit ang gamit ni De Lima sa kanyang pag decision gaya sa nagyaring ito.

    • UP nn grad

      … you and ManuB both Yellow-shirters behave differently. You recognize and voice opposition to bad actions by the inner-circle Noynoy Administration while ManuB is all media-media Noyinoy-and-BFF’s-crew-and-kamag-anaks can not make mistakes GMA-talsik-dyan rah-rah-rah.

    • UP nn grad

      Taiwan has taken away that requirement for SSS card and makes mention of Mar Roxas, not of Tabako and definitely not Binay.

      Taiwan lifts visa, work restrictions for OFWs
      GMA News 03/15/2011

      The Taiwan government has lifted the restrictions on visa applications of Filipino workers following the second round of talks with former Sen. Manuel Roxas II.

      In a one-page letter sent to Roxas dated March 15, Taiwan Minister of Foreign Affairs Timothy Chin-tien Yang said the application procedures prior to the February 7 restriction will be “effective immediately.”

      “To express our good faith in response to your visits and the most recent measures taken by your government, we are lifting the restrictions on visa applications for all Filipino workers, effective immediately, and will resume the method used to process their work permits prior to February 7, 2011,” Yang said.

      In his letter, Yang addressed Roxas as “special emissary of His Excellency Benigno S. Aquino III.”

  • GabbyD

    at ngayon, sabi ni mar, NO APOLOGY just understanding…

    Dear PNOY:
    please, figure out your stand and THEN do a press-con.

    you are making a tough decision confusing and un-necessarily tougher.

  • UP nn grad

    What Taiwan wants seem simple enough — governments dealing with Taiwan passport-holders are to follow Taiwan instructions, not Beijing’s.

    Failure to abide will result in economic consequences.

  • The U.S. government that officially has a one China policy also sells arms to Taiwan on a g to g basis and you guys are all excited about a private citizen being asked by the Philippine government to mediate in the row with Taiwan over the egregious error made by the immigration department under the DOJ.

    Why blow this up when it is totally a non-issue but for the thousands of pinoy workers in Taiwan.

  • UP nn grad

    manuelB: Do the other countries also send back to Beijing those persons holding Taiwanese passports?

    • manuelbuencamino

      What a silly question. We have a one china policy so when we deport chinese citizens we send them back to china. period.

      • GabbyD

        i dont think thats the implication of a one-china policy.

        thats the implication of a policy where u recognize the people’s republic as THE china, and NOT chinese-taipei.

        • UP nn grad

          heh heh heh… next you know, ManuelB says one-China policy means visa-applications for Taiwan is via Beijing.

          • that’s an interesting point. Does the GRP stamp visas on taiwanese passports or are those visas stapled? Similarly, does taiwan stamp philippine visas or do they staple them?

        • UP nn grad

          and check the other blogpost.

          Apparently, Noynoy does not know “… that the Philippine Supreme Court, back in 1982, had ruled that Taiwan enjoyed jurisdiction over its nationals who committed crimes in China.” Or maybe Noynoy did because “…in December 2010 another group of 11 Taiwanese who were suspects in another fraud case were deported to Taiwan and not to (Mainland) China.”

          Of course, the other blogger may have his facts wrong and ManuelB’s facts has more truthiness and less rah-rah-GMA-Talsik-diyan coloration.

  • manuelbuencamino

    taiwan is trying to trick our government into sending a government official. we have no government to government contact with them. if at all, Mar will go under the umbrella of MECO. that’s how it should be because the moment we send a government official to talk to the Taiwanese government then the one china policy goes out the window. PNoy can send Mar or Kris kahit sino basta walang official position sa gobyerno. And MECO can inform TECO that whomever is going as PNoy’s envoy and okay lang yun basta it is done through MECO-TECO. That’s what all the other countries do when they want to talk to the Taiwanese government.

  • GabbyD

    this taiwan thing is so irritating. at first, the philippines said no apology. now, meron, complete with special envoy… geez…