8 Filipinos trapped in CTV Building, Christchurch, New Zealand

According to @gmanews these  are the names of 8 Filipinos believed to be trapped under the rubble of the collapsed CTV Building in Christchurch, New Zealand:

1. Ezra Mae Medalla

2. Jessie Lloyd Albarracin Redoble
3. John Chua
4. Jewel Francisco
5. Louise Amantillo
6. Valquin Bensurto
7. Ivy Cabanilas
8. Rhea Sumagpong

In a certain CTV site, it was announced earlier that rescue operations were being pulled back and redirected elsewhere as conditions were getting dangerous for rescuers as well as triage being conducted.

The ProPinoy Project

  • hello,
    8. Rhea Sumagpong is actually Rhea Sumalpong

    and there is another one, a friend of hers who is also trapped

    Emmabelle Anoba.