Bahrain is more important than Libya

STRATFOR warns that Bahrain is far more important than the conditions in Libya:

“Libya is spiraling out of control and dominating the media. But there’s unrest in lesser-known places that is strategically more important.

Bahrain intersects Iranian-Saudi competition and the possibility for U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. If the situation in Bahrain gets out of hand, the U.S. could lose a base for its 5th Fleet; Saudi Arabia’s Shiite minority could follow suit with their own protests; the Iranian-Saudi balance in the region would teeter heavily toward Iran…does this small country have your attention now?”

CCTV news recap on demonstrations in the Middle East:

Cocoy Dayao

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  • Bert

    Here’s what I am seeing in my crystal ball:

    Without the participation of the international community, eg., a boycott of his government by the western world, Gaddafi of Libya will not be toppled. But Libya will be divided into two, the East Libya will be ruled by Al Qaeda, the other half by Gaddafi.

    The present ruler of Bahrain will prevail, and it will continue to prevail for a long time.

    If my crystal is wrong, then I will eat my words.