Headcount of Filipinos in New Zealand underway

Following a devastating Earthquake, the Philippines’ Honorary Consulate in New Zealand is performing a headcount of all Filipinos in the area, according to the Official Gazette (@govph).

Earlier it was reported that at least 8 Filipinos were trapped in a building in Christchurch.

According to @gmanews these  are the names of 8 Filipinos believed to be trapped under the rubble of the collapsed CTV Building in Christchurch, New Zealand:

1. Ezra Mae Medalla

2. Jessie Lloyd Albarracin Redoble
3. John Chua
4. Jewel Francisco
5. Louise Amantillo
6. Valquin Bensurto
7. Ivy Cabanilas
8. Rhea Sumagpong

In a certain CTV site, it was announced earlier that rescue operations were being pulled back and redirected elsewhere as conditions were getting dangerous for rescuers as well as triage being conducted.

The Department of Foreign Affairs, Office for Migrant Workers Affairs has setup a hotline for families of Filipinos based in Christchurch. You can reach them at the following numbers: 834-4448 and 834-4596.

According to GovPh,

“The New Zealand Government helpline (0800 779 997) is operating 24 hours.  A Missing Person Enquiry Line has been established for domestic (0800 733 276) and international enquiries (+6478502199).  All Child Youth and Family Clients can call 0508-FAMILY (0508 326 459) for assistance with concerns about a child or a young person.”

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