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“Three years after the 2008 food and financial crises, food prices on international markets are rising again. Price volatility hits poor people the hardest, as they already spend the majority of their income on feeding their families.”

This statement is from the official website of the United Nations World Food Programme (UN-WFP). As supporters of the WFP’s WeFeedback campaign, ProPinoy will be publishing stories showin

g how hunger and food prices are affecting not only the lives of people from around the world, but also systems, economies, and the entire world order.

This page shows the situation of high food prices in six countries, while this shows the real impact of rising food prices. We invite you to learn more about this issue and understand how food is not just a personal issue, and not just an issue of the poor and hungry, but an issue that all of us need to know more about.

We also invite you to check out the WeFeedback website, where you will find a Feedback calculator that computes the feeding impact of our favorite foods. It’s an interesting exercise in keeping track of our food consumption and how it could potentially affect hungry people from other parts of the world.

Everyone is hungry for something. The question is: what are we doing to feed that hunger?

Niña Terol-Zialcita

Niña Terol-Zialcita is a “Communicator, Connector, idea Curator, and Changemaker” who uses the power of words and ideas to advocate causes and promote the Philippines at its best. She is’s Deputy Editor, as well as Editor-in-Chief of asianTraveler, the longest-running travel magazine in the Philippines. When she is not writing, blogging, or traveling, Niña is conducting writing workshops with Writer’s Block Philippines, hanging out at art galleries and cafés, and performing poetry with her husband, percussionist and performance artist Paul Zialcita. She is also the author of the book "[r]evolutionaries: The new generation of Filipino youth and youth organizations".

  • UP nn grad ,

    The WeFeedBack program continues to grow and more are signing on. This is e-mail from Ann Andrews Morris –
    Vice President for Communications and Outreach (World Food Program USA)

    The immediate goal is 50,000 individuals joining weFeedBack.

    Joe —

    Nyipher is a 14-year-old girl living in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya.

    No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t do well in school. She was often dizzy, fighting to keep her eyes open. “I was so hungry I could hardly even think,” she says. She fell to the bottom of her class.

    Suddenly, things changed. Now she’s one of the top students. College is no longer a distant dream.

    What happened? “They started serving lunch at school,” Nyipher says.

    Today, on International Women’s Day, think about how many hungry girls are left behind. Now think about how little it takes to change a girl’s life.

    All it takes is your favorite food. Whether you prefer fish tacos or your mom’s lasagna, you’ll be able to feed a surprising number of hungry children when you donate it or “feedback.”

    How does it work? See for yourself – use our brand new Feedback Calculator!

    Each time someone shares their favorite meal at WeFeedback, more hungry children receive vital school meals, filling them with nutritious food and hope for a future. And each time you recruit someone new to WeFeedback, you’ll see your “network impact” increase.

    Already, the WeFeedback community is providing meals to 25,000 children. With your help, we can reach 50,000 hungry children by the end of the week.

    This is an important goal, especially as fewer families are able to feed their children because of rising food prices. For many children a school meal is the only meal they will receive all day. Yet it’s enough to empower them to survive, to learn, and to improve their lives.

    Please feedback your favorite food and help more children like Nyipher. Then invite your friends to join you!

    Thanks to school meals, Nyipher is building a better future for herself and her country. She wants to study law and become a judge. “I want to bring justice to poor people,” she says. This is exactly the kind of success story you can bring about, starting right now.

    Remember, if we all do a little, we can achieve a lot!

    With each cappuccino or ice cream or turkey burger or veggie dumpling that is fed back, we are building a global movement that can ultimately wipe out child hunger. Each donation – large or small – can make a difference.

    Thank you doing your part in the fight against hunger,


    Ann Andrews Morris
    Vice President for Communications and Outreach
    World Food Program USA