Is Congressman Pacquiao a Wuss?

Last night Congress voted to impeach Merceditas Gutierrez, the Ombudsman.  Over 200 Congressmen voted for impeachment.  And it so happened that Congressman Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao voted, “No.”  He voted “No,” on twitter, and subsequently deleted his twitter account.

Manny Pacquiao is a great many things.  I personally admire his rags to riches story, and without a doubt his is one of the greatest, if not the greatest Filipino Athlete of all time.  It is no small feat what he has accomplished inside the boxing arena, and 99 percent of Filipino men can’t compete with not just his raw talent but his determination and will power.  Manny Pacquiao in many ways is a Filipino hero.

I can respect the man for voting, “No,” that is one of the greatest things our democracy allows us to do.  We can disagree with the majority, and while I happen to be in favor for impeaching the Ombudsman, we can at least respect Mr. Pacquiao for his vote.  It also takes a big man to take on what obviously would be the repercussions of that vote.  And by deleting his account, well, that makes him a wuss.

Manny Pacquiao is a great boxer.  He is a great Filipino because of that uncanny ability to step into that boxing ring, and own it.  As a leader, he has much more ways to go and while it hardly matters, in my eyes that makes him less of a hero, and apparently fortitude and will on the boxing ring doesn’t translate to other arenas.  That’s a shame.


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Cocoy Dayao

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  • GabbyD ,

    huh? why is deleting his account making him a wuss? it doesnt follow that everyone who quits twitter is a wuss. it just means he doesnt like updating his twitter.

    • UP nn grad ,

      Eto, ang labanan, ipinasa na sa Senate.

      San Juan Rep. Joseph Victor Ejercito, son of former President Joseph Estrada, meanwhile changed his vote from “no” to “yes” after he supposedly realized the need for a “quest for truth.”

      “Kanina hindi pa ako desidido. Kinlaro ko lang. For the quest for truth, I voted for yes. Yes to the prosecution of former President Arroyo,” he told reporters after changing his vote.

      • UP nn grad ,

        Manny Pacquiao is not a wuss, he’s a pilipinas Politician. His version of an Ochoa/Lacierda probably advised him to lie low muna at baka naman nga mapalitan si Merci…. risk is the next ombudsman hits Pacquiao with unexplained wealth charges, wise for him to avoid a fight that does not involve mano-a-mano fighting.

        • UP nn grad ,

          The blogging world really supports free expression. People get to say about other people — mister president, you are a wuss, sir, and you have a funny haircut, mister president, and no, your father should not be in Libingan ng mga Bayani — Human rights at crony capitalism corruption, mister president kasi eh — what they will not say to that person’s sister or mother or BFF’s. But you are president, so ganuon lang iyon.