Senate: No more Merci Trial

By Meredith San Julian

Malacañang early this morning said that President Aquino and Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile agreed, during a closed-door meeting late last night, that the impeachment trial of the embattled Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez scheduled on May 9 will no longer take place.

In a joint press briefing, presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said that “Sparing Ombudsman Gutierrez a lengthy trial is but humane and aligned with the President’s promise to the Filipino people of responding to their needs” and Sen. Enrile emphatically declared that “in light of the execution of our 3 kababayans in China, an impeachment trial is the last thing we need.  Rather the Filipino nation needs to unite more than ever.”

Lacierda emphasized that Aquino worked closely with the members of his Cabinet in identifying arguments needed to convince the Senate that a Merci impeachment trial is unnecessary and doesn’t serve the public’s interest.

Lacierda and Enrile concluded the briefing on a happy note by holding hands and singing the lively Filipino folk song, Katakataka. Enrile even broke into a little jig at the end of the song.

In an interview with state-run radio dzRB, Aquino justified the decision as a part of his avowal to work harder in upholding his promise of change.

This more hard-hitting stance of the President is a response to the latest Pulse Asia and Social Weather Stations surveys which indicated that there is a significant drop in Aquino’s public trust and approval ratings. The President said “to show the public that I am not entirely preoccupied with my second hand Porsche, which by the way I can’t drive for security reasons and bought with my own money, I will adopt a micro-management style of leadership which I learned from my Ateneo days.”

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DISCLAIMER: April Fools contributed to this report.   This was published for ProPinoy’s April Fool’s edition.

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  • UP nn grad ,

    This is not a joke, but an alert.

    Kaunting pag-subaybay what is happening to the Ampatuan trials. Justice Department is getting sloppy in getting the prosecution witnesses prepared when they appear before the courts.

    Walang korap walang mahirap can be trumped by laziness and ineptitude, kaunti lang ingat.

    Elmer Nelson Piedad, a senior ballistician at the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), took the witness stand Thursday but failed to proceed with his testimony after the defense pointed out he had no resume and other supporting documents to back up his expertise.

    “Imagine, he was already the most senior official of the NBI tapos ku-kuwestiyunin iyong credentials niya [then his credentials would be put into question],” Roque told reporters after Thursday’s hearing.

    Roque noted it was the first instance, since trial of the high-profile case started in January 2010, that proceedings have been deferred due to doubts cast on a witness’ credibility.

    • Cocoy ,

      um. in an Impeachment trial, it isn’t the justice department that prosecutes. It is the members of the House.

      • GabbyD ,

        not impeachment, “ampatuan trial” daw.

        • Cocoy ,

          Which is why there is no correlation between the topic: impeachment, and ampatuan massacre 😛

          Anyway, thanks for heads up UPnG.

          • Merry ,

            I was perplexed too by the original comment

    • Bert ,

      Well, I speak Chimpanzee and open to explore intimate relationship, too. How about it, eh, Merry?

      • Bert ,

        But my wife knows nothing about this.

        • Merry ,

          If your wife doesn’t speak Chimpanzee, then it’s ok. It would be easy to keep everything under wraps. Shall we meet at the zoo?

          • Bert ,

            Zoo? Which, my zoo, or your zoo?

            • Merry ,

              Well, I don’t want to start this exciting relationship on the wrong foot, but I heard your zoo is not really a zoo. Rather, it’s a petting zoo.
              I usually believe what I hear. If you can’t trust your own ears, then what and who can you trust, right?

              • Bert ,

                Foot? What foot? Starting on an exciting intimate relationship, foot is farthest from my mind.

                • Merry ,

                  No foot fetish? Bleh!

          • UP nn grad ,

            I thought the April 1st news was about Lacierda and Ochoa resigning to join BongBong 2016 election committee.