Globe moves to cap Internet data volume

Without any law to prevent its adoption, Ayala-led telco Globe Telecom has decided to invoke the “fair use” doctrine in imposing a reported data limit on the Internet subscription of its customer as a way to curb unrestrained use of just a few broadband users.

Globe’s move, first reported by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, was contained in a press statement issued by the company over the weekend.

The data volume limit, according to the Inquirer, “would affect only users who download data in excess of 1 gigabyte a day.”

By adopting a “fair use” policy, Globe said it can “promote a more responsible way of using the Internet that will ensure fair and optimum usage of its broadband services across all subscribers.”

In a recent analysis, Globe said only 5 percent use 80 percent of the available broadband network bandwidth, leaving only 20 percent of the capacity to be shared by 95 percent of the remaining users.



Con Yap

  • FckGlobe

    Lecheng globe yan. Ang galing galing mag advertise, ang galing mag pa promo, ang galing gumawa ng schemes, at ang galing galing pag tanggap ng payments ng new subscribers. Pero once subscribed ka na, wala na sila pakialam, bbwisitin ka ng bbwisitin, araw o gabi, lecheng connection yan, lecheng tech support, lecheng technicians, leche sila lahat. mga hayop na magnanakaw.
    Tanggap ng tanggap ng new customers tpos pinagsisiksikan nila sa existing servers nila para makatipid kaya napaka bagal ng connection ng lahat. Mga hayop taga globe. Wag kayo magpapaloko dito, madami na nabiktima nito

  • paulpoto

    fck u globe! why won’t you fuckn improve ur fuckn network. wtf! other countries are upgrading and we are downgrading? fck u. mga magnanakaw!
    so, good bye world of warcraft? putang globe refund nyo ako sa cataclysm ko! paano ako mg,patch ng wow ko? p2p gamit ng wow sa patching ang major patches are more than 1gig. mga bobo! mga kawatan! bat di nyo upgrade system nyo. if you don’t want abusive users then get a better system that will really give people 1mbps. or baka nman di nyo talaga kaya mgbigay ng 1mbps?

  • I say that’s totally bullcrap. The government should impose better laws for internet usage, the Philippines is lagging behind other countries in terms of internet speeds and bandwidth. Like sky broadband’s new promo of 5mbps but has a cap of 15gb usage per month? If you are the type of user who does not exceed 15gb per month is also the type of subscriber who don’t need 5mbps speed.

  • the jester-in-exile

    NTC still not listening. they’re taking far too long in dealing with this issue.