Krip Yuson caught plagiarizing

While perusing the current Rogue sports issue, Jaemark Tordecilla of the sports blog Fire Quinito discovered that noted writer and academician Alfred “Krip” Yuson had plagiarized entire sections from an article by GMA News Online sports writer Rey Joble. According to Tordecilla:

“…it’s especially galling when someone as talented and accomplished as Yuson steals from Joble and tries to pass off all that work as his own. I have no idea why Yuson was arrogant enough to think that he could pull off this kind of shit; did he really believe that no one was going to know?”

Yuson sent an e-mail to Tordecilla in response, admitting that he had, in fact, lifted portions of Joble’s article:

“Indeed, it was a terrible failure of judgment on my part, and I initially shuddered at the prospect of losing my friendship with Rey for having done him in, in a way.”

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  • Sensei ,

    hahahha. someone is partying too much and not doing his homework.
    fuckin shame

    • manuelbuencamino ,

      How much does Rogue pay for articles?