Facts vs Myths on Population, Family Planning, and Reproductive Heath

By Mulat Pinoy

Myth #1: Contraceptives cause abortion. Life begins at fertilization, so contraceptives kill children. (pp. 2-3) FACT: Contraceptives DO NOT cause abortion. Research has shown that the use of contraceptives prevents up to 112 million abortions each year and reduces abortion by 85%.

Myth #2: Contraceptives are dangerous to health and cause cancer. (pp. 4-5) FACT: Contraceptives DO NOT cause cancer, have been proven safe worldwide, and even lower cancer risk.

Myth #3: Mandatory sex education and contraceptives will destroy the family, compromise morality, increase promiscuity and promote HIV infections. (p. 6) FACT: MAJORITY of studies prove that age-appropriate sex education and contraceptive provision REDUCE sexually transmitted infections, DO NOT cause promiscuity, and even DELAY sexual experiences among youth.

Myth #4: Family Planning using artificial methods is against Filipino culture. (p. 7) FACT: National surveys show that majority of Filipinos believe that family planning using modern and artificial methods is important. Many of them prefer smaller family sizes.

Myth#5: NaturalFamilyPlanning(NFP)isthemosteffectiveandsafefamilyplanningmethod,isfree,andis the only program that should be supported by the government. (pp. 8-9) FACT: Both NFP and modern methods are needed to effectively and safely address maternal health, family planning, and sustainable development.

Myth #6: There is no link between population and poverty. Corruption is the sole cause of poverty. (pp. 10-13) FACT: There is a proven, strong link between poverty, rapid population growth, & large unplanned family sizes.

Myth#7: The Philippines has enough resources to meet a larger population. (pp. 14-17) FACT: The Philippines will not develop sustainably unless it slows its rapidly growing population

Myth #8: Highly populated countries like India and China are successful because of their large populations, while other countries are experiencing a “demographic winter.” (pp. 18-20) FACT: India and China have been trying to reduce population growth and family sizes for decades, and their growth is due to improving productivity of their citizens. The Philippines is 100 years away from a “demographic winter,” and even with lowered population growth and fertility rates, will already reach 160 million in 2060. Without this, the Philippines may have an unsustainable population of 240 million people.

Myth #9: Family planning through modern contraceptives is against the Constitution (p. 21-22) FACT: The Philippine Constitution and Philippine commitments to international agreements allow family planning and the use of modern methods.

Myth #10: Islam, Christianity and other major religions forbid contraception. (pp. 23-28) FACT: Islam, most Christian denominations, and other major religions allow couples to use modern and natural methods to plan their families. The governments of Catholic countries have accepted family planning policies with State provision of modern and natural family planning methods.

This is just a snippet.  For the entire book please download: Get Real: Facts v. Myths on Population, Family Planning and Reproductive Heath (PDF).  Also available on Scribd.

Courtesy, Mulat Pinoy.


Guest Writer

  • Spacenoid ,

    Keep the priests well-fed and they’ll continue mentioning Myth #7. They need to be removed from their pedestals that place them in very much comfortable places. Once that happens, they’ll probably get their heads out of their behinds.

    • UP nn grad ,

      Siguro naman, there will be no disagreement about this.
      Workers blame lack of jobs, low pay for rising poverty, hunger

      By Kristine Felisse Mangunay
      Philippine Daily Inquirer 04/09/2011

      Filed Under: Poverty, Labor, Government, Opinion surveys

      MANILA, Philippines—An alliance of workers has blamed the rising number of poor and hungry people in the country to the lack of job opportunities and wage increases for the working population.

      • Bert ,

        “FACT: Contraceptives DO NOT cause abortion.”-Admin

        Dear Admin,

        If you mean the hormonal contraceptive pills, the morning-after-pills, and all IUDs are not contraceptives then I totally agree with your fact. Otherwise, your fact is a myth, :).


        • Cocoy ,

          Sorry, I probably should have used Guest Writer for this one. The entry was written by Mulat Pinoy, we are republishing it here. I will edit the article.

        • GabbyD ,

          seriously? this is biased. not cool.

          just to pick one: the estimate of total pop in 2060: 160M daw? wow!

          good job picking out THE HIGHEST NUMBER in the set of predictions.

          so the phrase “even with lowered population growth and fertility rates” is wrong. i’ll refrain from saying its a lie, but its skirting DANGEROUSLY CLOSE to that line.

          • UP nn grad ,

            The literature about the Immaculate Conception has entered the discussion about IUD’s and condoms because Pilipinas Reproductive Health Bill is now in the realm of politics. Science, economics and statistics are merely tools — presented as fact or discarded as myth based on the assertion being made.

            • UP nn grad ,

              As every Vatican-loyal Pilipinas priest will say, myths are okay when they support THE TRUTH.

              Followers of the Iglesia Ni Kristo as well as fans of La Gaga say the same thing, too.

              Which is why Pilipinas has elected Presi-Noynoy with 58% of the votes — so he can be the decider.