Did Filipino Twitters gang up on Willie Revillame?

A tweet from the Jester-in-Exile, got me to ask, “did Filipino Twitters gang up on Willie Revillame?”

Willing Willie Revillame on television said, “Para ho maintindihan nyong lahat kasi grabe na akong tirahin sa dyaryo, sa Inquirer, sa internet, sa twitter. Para gusto nila mamatay na ako sa mundo– para mawala na ako sa mundong ito. Ganon ho ang ginagawa sa akin ngayon.”

The story broke on Social Media and has seen it spread. The DSWD, and the MRTCB got involved. And advertisers have since left the show, and some advertisers even pulling out their ads on all game shows.

This incident reminded me of that Pepsi suicide ad made by BBDO, which Pepsi pulled after an angry reaction on Twitter. This happened in 2008, when twitter was quite young and wasn’t mainstream. Christine Lu, an American entrepreneur tweeted, “pepsi: you want to push the envelope? try something that doesn’t remind me of my sister killing herself a month after her own wedding.”

BNET’s take at the time, “In hindsight, was the Motrin Moms ad really all that offensive? Nope. Corporate Twitter apologies are a fad because most advertisers are afraid of a technology they don’t yet fully understand. The really interesting bit will be when a company gets on Twitter and defends its ads in the face of criticism.”

Fast forward to 2011 in the Philippines it would seem Twitter has gone mainstream. @jimparedes and others were mentioned by Mr. Revillame as some of the people ganging up on him on twitter. Mr. Paredes, Bianca Gonzales (@iamsuperbianca), Carmela Brosas (@kbrosas) have received a death threat on twitter based on their stance against Mr. Revillame. And Mr. Revillame threatened to sue people on Twitter.

Twitter over the years has been described many things. It is like an Internet Relay Chat for the masses. It has been called, “Batsignal,” and “newswire,” over the years. It can be like one giant party; loud, and it could be a place where protest occurs. It can be elegant like a dinner party, or more humdrum like a coffee chat online between friends. And now, a conversation happens.

Twitter is a media company. It gives us news. And suddenly people everywhere are opinion-makers and tastemakers. Twitter has become short-form opinion writing, and millions of people suddenly become gadfly– someone who provokes others into action by criticism.

Clay Shirky pointed out that “Communications tools don’t get socially interesting until they get technologically boring,” and now they have become socially interesting. What begins online is slowly translating to things happening on the ground, and in the Philippines case, has gotten Government to act on Willie Revillame. Shirky in his book, Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations, wrote, “When we change the way we communicate, we change society .”

Did Filipino Twitters gang up on Willie Revillame? How different is this from expressing our right to Freedom of expression, of speech, and Freedom of assembly when something we perceive is a grievance?

Put it another way, “Social media is the art of filtering noise, and amplifying Truth and Justice.” And we are reminded that the Everyman now has a voice with the tools at his disposal. When once people, corporations and governments had to contend with just Newspapers, columnists, talk show hosts, television and radio hosts, they now have to look at a million people and the combined power of trending topics. Suddenly, social media– blogs, social networking, and youtube— have amplified millions of news writers, Op-Ed columnists, and talk show jocks, but this medium is transformative in that a conversation happens, when action takes place because of the conversation happening on social media.

Welcome to the 21st Century, and Internet Freedom.

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Cocoy Dayao

Cocoy is the Chief Technology Officer of Lab Rats Technica, a Digital Consulting company that specialises in DevOps, iOS, and Web Apps, E-Commerce sites, Cybersecurity and Social Media consulting. He is a technology enthusiast, political junkie and social observer who enjoys a good cup of coffee, comic books, and tweets as @cocoy on twitter.

Cocoy is also the Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief of the ProPinoy Project.

Cocoy considers himself to be Liberal.

  • GabbyD

    the mtrcb has suspended the show, because it has the power to control what comes out on TV.

    note: it did NOT suspend due to “child abuse”.

    it can impose its own standard, which is a political process.

    i think thats great, and should have been done months ago, and should have circumvented all this “child abuse” talk.

  • Al

    Gentlemen, as I read through the news on this controversy, I still need to investigate deeper into it and determine the true motivations of the main actors involved…before I can effectively reach some conclusiveness.

    Behavioral patterns can be challenging to decipher where an eagle’s eyes and strong sensitivity will help to bring out whatever is behind a person’s head. Some people are indeed skillful in acting out their desired role.

    Surveillance of a person’s daily movements outside his/her home/office and how he/she deals with others can tell a lot.

    I recall how the lawyer of my ex-wife role-played her for 3 nights to be convincing on the witness stand without him realizing he was divulging it to her client’s husband…he thought I was a counsel coz I was dressed and moved like one…ha ha ha.

    I take notice of how the kid’s mom’s facial expression (on TV w/ her tearful husband) was likened to how my wife ‘acted’ in the courtroom.

    Parang zarzuela…fun to watch!

    Be cool, gentlemen!

  • Al

    Mario, to add…some people may not realize they’re sinning. Some people know they sin but still do it.

    I myself is one as I describe here.

    Unsinning now allow me to define as “sinning without knowing the act is a sin”…since no one can ‘unsin’.

    Just thinking…

    • mario taporco

      Al, here is my rebuttal to these questions you have risen.

      My (2) comments upstairs is, solely to show my feelings, but not to offend Willing Willie in such a way to degrade him. It is frustating tho…,! it is he, that needs stop, and criticising others for his wrong doing.

      True he is a man, but a man can say, I’m sorry, and can oppologize for their mistake(s.)

      Willing Willie should consider how feeble are the reasons that have hitherto, and to lead him into repose faith in his sense; that’s if he has any.

      And how uncertain are all these pass judgments against him, and which led all the accusations afterwards. The habits that he acquire, are of no longer trusting.

      Willing Willie needs to shape-up or ship-out. If he wants to redeem himself, he needs to show the people, not just the poor, that he is genuine in GODS eye.

      Food for thoughts:
      If Willie Willie plays his politics in this manner, surely all the Cabinets will also dislikes his aptitude.

      • GabbyD

        you said: “True he is a man, but a man can say, I’m sorry, and can oppologize for their mistake(s.)”

        hypothetical: if someone said you made a mistake, said you were wrong, and demanded an apology from you…. BUT you feel that you didnt make a mistake.

        how would you deal with it?

        • mario taporco


          Should I answer this in layman’s terms; figuritively, or religiously…,? 

          • GabbyD

            answer it literally. someone said you made a mistake. and is criticizing you publicly for it. you felt you didnt make a mistake.

            whats your move?

          • mario taporco


            First, I would carefully analyze to which I was accused of. Secondly, we are easily deceived respecting the operations of sense perception when Filipinos are excited by emotion. And thirdly, if found at fault, I would gladly be apologetic, and to render it at peace.

            True, it is our nature to protect ourselves from criticisms, in wrongful nature that is we are speaking of figuritively. But one of these important principles is that, our attitude, and the thought process of our mind, too, are subjected to natural laws.

            In conclusion, be a MAN. 

          • GabbyD

            your answer is so deep, when my question was so simple 🙂

            so i guess you’ll stick to your evaluation of what happened, until you are convinced (by appropriate arguments) of otherwise.

            this is exactly what willie, and jan-jan’s parents are doing.

          • mario taporco


            This is where you are wrong…!

            “this is exactly what willie, and jan-jan’s parents are doing.” per gabbyd

            Willing Willie started to rouse in war tactics, planting seeds, and postulating propaganda war.

        • Al

          I would readily admit my mistake and apologize. In case I’m not fully at fault, I’d still apologize for causing some distress while clarifying what I did that caused the distress.

          It’s been my habit for a long time. It most of the time eases the tension and usually ends in a happy mood.

          Only I learned much later I should not do the same to my wife, a priest told me. Women kept ‘good records’ of wrong doings of us men…and can be relived when things get tensed up or the woman gets upset once again for any reason by her man…funny is it not?

          I’d still be honest even if it hurts…and even if it causes the other to dissociate from me.

          I continue to sleep so soundly up to this day…

          My child I raise now lives it as well…honesty at all times…even if Daddy gets upset.

          Cheers, guys!

          • GabbyD

            ” In case I’m not fully at fault, I’d still apologize for causing some distress while clarifying what I did that caused the distress.”

            … and thats what they did…

          • Al

            Yes they did, GabbyD, yes they did…and I haven’t read anyone accepting the apology nor a courteous and amiable gesture to other creatures made by the same One as us.

            Maigi din makabasa ng malaputing pananalita kaysa mga batikos…para makaakit tayo ng positibong hiwatig.

            Manalangin na lang tayo nang magkaayos din ang lahat…okey ba ‘to, Mario?

            Mabalos, mga kabayan!

      • Al

        I understand what you mean, Mario.

        Even if a multitude of people admonish one to cease from an unpleasant act, the maturity and humility of this person will surely dictate his offering an apology and/or repent from an admitted transgression.

        However, I don’t see such a behavior from him since I used to see him in my former golf club up in Capitol Hills in the 80’s…we would know when he’s around…we’d hear his voice from the other side of the clubhouse.

        He has fallen before and a few showbiz friends helped me get back up…one is a most respected comedian who used to come out in Buhay Artista.

        But I guess, one would only learn after a bigger ‘dagok’, if you like.

        I’d sit down, relax and watch the happenings…delikado kapag sumobra na ang withdrawal from nature…tindi ang balik.

        Cheers, man!

  • GabbyD

    good point senator!

    what about ganging up on jan-jan’s parents? is that OK? they arent celebs. do they deserve being called names in public?

    • Al

      Gabbyd, Jan-Jan’s parents must have received more than enough gang-up by now…pathetic when those doing it may be behind some kind of cover…not where everyone sees everyone.

      No one deserves to be called ‘names’ in public as in private.

      His parents may learn some lessons on how to raise a child by exposing him/her to more ideal situations and not open him/her up to an unkind and distorted world.

      Did I see the mother on the published video also gyrating while her son was doing the same? Or was it another woman?

      Just thinking…

  • TheSenator

    Friends, Pinoys, Persecutors, the UnSinners, Sinners alike:

    I admonish all to be careful to mind others’ behavior as we ourselves are not free from the same treatment Willie deserves.

    We all are transgressors.

    Do we take the crosswalk? Do we cue? Do we help the poor? Do we obey our parents? Do we take good care of our children like responsible stewards? Do we avoid watching porno or lewd and violent movies? Do we dress up decently? Do we show courtesy as a motorist or commuter? Do we study The Word and strive to live it?

    If your answer is YES in all questions, then you berate Willie…otherwise, remove that log blocking your eye.

    • mario taporco


      the UnSinners,” I am sure you are a Bible literate. It just so happen that there is no one in this world of ours is “the Unsinners”

      Hopefully your not making any assumption, that Willing Willie is the Unsinner…[…]

      Oh yeah!
      Good Food, for thoughts…!

      • Al

        Mario, not at all. We all sin in different ways and motivations.

        My comments were simply to make people think…of themselves before on others.


  • blubayu


  • Lito Reyes

    Matakot ka naman, pati si Jesus Christ ginamit mo, maidepensa mo lang si Willie.

  • Four words, two terms: “public figure” and “fair comment.”

    What did Willie *think* was going to happen, making a kid gyrate like that and even simulating the bar scene on national television?

    What did Willie *think* was going to happen, making wild accusations and threats not only to his critics, but to his own sponsors?

    What did Willie *think* was going to happen, calling out the DSWD, the CHR and the MTRCB and saying they either can’t comment on his show or don’t have jurisdiction?


    He is a public figure BY CHOICE. He chose this lifestyle, he chose this career. He chose his show’s format. He chose his staff. He chose his audience. When the chips were down and Jan-Jan was dancing the way he was, when Willie Revillame had the choice to do the RIGHT THING: Not only did he choose NOT stop Jan-Jan, he chose to make Jan-Jan repeat his dance numerous times, and chose to make a scene out of it and simulate a strip bar out of it.

    And when Willie Revillame had another opportunity to do the RIGHT THING: not only did he choose NOT to apologize, he chose to lash out instead and make himself out as the victim.

    All of that was HIS CHOICE. And as observers, we are within our right to free speech to comment on his free acts as a public figure. (New York Times v. Sullivan, Borjal v. Court of Appeals).

    So for his supporters: just as you have the freedom to say whatever you want about Willie’s critics, the critics have that equal freedom to talk about Willie. Plain and simple. What happens to Willie now is up to the law and up to Willie.

  • Spanky

    If they really want to help the Filipino people then dapat bigyan ng trabaho ung mga nangangailangan at inde pinapapila, if you keep on giving people false hope that EVERYONE as in all na pipila sa show ni Willie ay matutulungan then you are hallucinating. Panandaliang sya is not equal to the joy na napapakain mo ung pamilya mo ng 3 beses sa isang araw. Just my humble opinion.

  • Teka muna mga Freshness. How do you gang up on a billionaire?

  • Lito Alep

    Lumitaw din ang baho ng industriya, si willie inilalabas ang totoo ngayon maraming nakisawsaw lumabas na sila sa lungga so totoo talaga ng maraming naninira ke willie. Wala nagpayaman kayo ng nagpayaman ni hindi kayo naawa sa mga mahihirap kayo ang dapat umalis sa industriya mga mapagkunwari. nagyon ginagamit niu social network to destroy willie. natural kaya ba ng mga mahihirap mag tweet. syempre yong mga me kaya lang sa buhay. sige pa gamitin niu ang makabagong teknolohiya para sirain ang mundo. sige pa mga artista sa pilipinas lumabas na kau para tuluyan niu ng sirain ang bansang pilipinas.

  • Marbeth Acusan

    Overkill ang ginawa niu ke willie, sobra kau, OVERKILL… OVERKILL…OVERKILL.

  • rommel

    bottomline is marami talaga ang sawsawero at sawsawera na wala naman nagawang mabuti para sa kapwa. Lahat sila nakamasid lang para manita, pero ang magagandang nagawa nun tao ay hindi nila napuri. Sana wag naman ganun, puro self righteous lang.

  • mario taporco

    Lesson learn. If Willing Willie can’t capture the essence of twitter app’s. For crying out loud, he needs to be educated.

    Can someone tell that MALCONTENT individual to start reading Twitter commentaries, or watch his own faltering escapade on YouTube. 

    “No YouTube link here, that’s for Willing Willie to find out”

    Like I always say:
    • “Knowledge is Power”
    • “Read a book”
    • “It will open up your mind”
    • “Turn that TV off, it’s a VIRUS”

  • GabbyD

    haha… nakakatawa, sabi jake may power sya sa masses. sabi ni tec 84, wala.

    whatever it is, mali si willie, therefore dapat syang parusahan.

  • Tec84

    He’s being ganged up on coz he is in the wrong, he is a self centered arrogant bastard who thinks he’s got god like powers over the masses. I really really hate that guy even when he was still at abscbn.

  • jake

    people like willie actually have the power to influence the masses. to educate them about the community, to encourage them access to education and good quality of life. but instead, he’s sticking with cheap entertainment and instant money. it works for the poor people, yes, but it encourages laziness and luck, and with the quality of TV programming he’s giving, it’s degrading our culture.

    but while i agree that willie and all his TV shows are not worthy of our time, he is not alone. when he was still doing wowowee, TFC was showing it three times a day! anong klaseng network ang nagpapakita ng ganyang palabas, when in fact they’re powerful to influence Filipinos around the world, kasi nga they’re an international channel. pati news programs ngayon, halos tabloid ang format. this is true for all channels. and this daily updates on the lives of celebrities.

    i hope this becomes a lesson to all people on TV and to all networks, that with or without ratings, they should show quality and sense.

  • cipriana b. lee

    yes willie was gang up by the rich people like jim paredes ,leah salonga ,bianca ,aiza .
    to all advertiser please huag po kayo makinig sa kanila ,inggit lang po sila dahil hindi na nabibili ang mga kanta nila talbog sila sa I love you album ni willie revillame ,I pray for you kuya willie na layuan ka ng mga naiingit sa iyo ,anyway parang ikaw si jesus christ gusto ka nila ipako sa krus at patayin ,kaya mo iyan kuya willie ,mabuhay ka

    • Spanky

      Hey, please don’t compare Willie and Jesus Christ. The thought of it is sickening.

  • Sinatra

    People are playing morality gods over the issue, the video showing the ki dancing isn’t the whole of the story, dig deeper, what has the child said? it’s mom? I didn’t see anything wrong, in fact I saw willie’s side of the story. at the end of it all, it’s still about business and the motives of those behind the “network” and then the “intelligent people” rode in the bandwagon as if their moralities are the only one’s existing. I pity those that are in sympathy with willie as most of them probably aren’t as computer literate as those that have mastered “Tweeting”. low income people have voices too, you guys in the “Tweet” world are just talking amongst yourselves in your higher moral ground, and are just as jealous to willie’s ability to be embraced by the “lower class”. gustu nyo mahalin din kayo ng lower class pero hindi nyo naman kaya ang long commitment to do this right Lea Salonga? Mr. Paredes? and sexy Bianca Gonzales?

    • Joe Dy

      I totally agree with you. Willie critics don’t even know the definition of Child abuse. The child is just acting on TV and Willie critics and station took advantage of it. This will not even stand the test of GuiLT in court.

  • GabbyD

    its never ganging up from the point of view of the person doing the ganging up.

    ganging up can only be seen from the pov of the receiver.

  • Willie has the illusion that he has the advantage because he doesn’t even know how to use Twitter and doesn’t feel the urgent need to have one. Likewise, those who defend him would often say that it’s mostly the rich kids that have access to Twitter that are attacking him. Typical trapo tactics reminiscent of the Erap campaign.

    Shouldn’t be surprised if Willie may run for President one day (maybe with Villar’s endorsement)

    • cipriana b. lee

      tama ang mayayaman gang up on willie ,palibhasa laos na ang gang ni jimparedes apo hiking ,aiza seguerra inabuse ng nanay,isinuga ka sa trabaho maliit ka pa ,tomboy ka ,gusto mo maging gang kay paredes para sirain si willie ,pinagtulungan ninyo si willie naiingit kayo sa kanya dahil inggitera kayo