NAIA 1: Wake-up call for the government

The website recently came out with its annual worst airports, voting the Ninoy Aquino International Airport terminal 1 as one of the worst in the world. The good news; we’re not number 1 (Charles de Gaulle in France tops the list) the bad news; we’re the worst in Asia.

Known as the Manila International Airport, it was named after P-Noy’s father, the late Sen. Ninoy Aquino who was assassinated in 1983 after years in exile in the United States. While two new terminals have been added (NAIA 2 known as the Centennial Airport and NAIA 3), terminal 1 still holds the biggest port, with many of the airlines still holding its flights there.

Back then, the Philippines was looked up to from the economy to its facilities. NAIA 1 was used by many air carriers as its port for many flights in Asia. Flag carrier Philippine Airlines also use to land in NAIA 1 until it moved to NAIA 2. Now, the airport is old with smelly carpets and unclean washrooms.

The government has yet to react to this news but I do hope that they act on this. If they want to increase foreign tourists in the country, they should make the necessary repairs to the airport or better, move to NAIA 3 all together. True, there is still a case to be resolve (government has yet to fix its problem with Fraport) but with its new facilities, NAIA 3 can handle all the flights coming into the country.

One observation the government must fix definitely is the toilets in the airport. For pete’s sake! Cleanliness is big factor for tourists and running water and tissue paper in the bathrooms are a must. Unless people complain and complain, we get what we bargain for so please ensure running water and tissue paper.

Being the worst airport is a wake up call for us. True, we’re not the worst in the world but may be seeing our name in the worst list is enough to realize that it’s about time structures in this country should be fixed properly.


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  • UP nn grad

    If you’ve been to the restrooms at CDG and the restrooms at NAIA, you wonder which airport is really worse. And from the perspective of the pilots — just count number of runways and the distance from the runway to the nearest neighborhood houses — NAIA and CDG are quite memorable in their differences.