Reminders Project Asian Photographers Grant

In recent years, more and more Asian photographers are emerging onto the international scene, producing work of outstanding calibre and giving exposure to little known issues from their region or their own countries.

However, one of the biggest obstacles faced by these photographers is the difficulty of finding financial funding to support their projects. In-depth, investigative work requires long periods of research, and without help, many of these projects cannot be realized.

The Reminders Project and the Angkor Photo Festival share a common mission in promoting and highlighting the work of emerging Asian photographers. They have now come together to take their support one step further with the Reminders Project Asian Photographers Grant.

Support Emerging Asian Photographers- We believe there are many talented Asian photographers whose work remain unseen. The grant will give them the opportunity to gain exposure on an international stage. Promote In-depth Photo Projects in Asia

We look for projects that go one step further in discovering and understanding important social issues in Asia which may be under-reported or neglected by the mainstream media. Discover Fresh Perspectives We encourage projects that approach issues with an original perspective and a unique eye, giving audiences different point of views and fresh information. Make A Difference We seek projects that demonstrate a commitment to the subjects they work on, with a aim to make a positive impact on the local community.
Project Criteria
This grant is open to projects fitting the following criteria:
+ An in-depth photographic documentation in Asia
+ Explores critical issues in Asia which are unknown or under-reported
+ The project must make a positive impact on the local community
and help vocalize the issues at the grassroots, local community or
NGO level.

How To Apply
+ Application is FREE!
+ Fill in the application form which contains more guidelines on
materials to submit.
+ DEAD LINE : 29 July 2011

Who Can Apply
+ Open to all Asian photographers with no age limit.
+ Applicants who are ethnically Asian, but who were born or are
currently residing outside of Asia are also eligible.

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Con Yap