Typhoon Bebeng Metro Manila Traffic and Flood Watch

As of 6:53 AM 9 May 2011, The Metro Manila Development Authority announced that there are no more flooded areas in the capital.

Editor’s Note: see Typhoon Bebeng strikes the Philippines for 9 May 2011 (Monday morning) update.

Image above is from Xavierville via @arvictolentino.

According to @MMDA that as of 5:55PM, EDSA southbound Timog to Santolan is moderate to Heavy. From Highway 54 to Shaw is moderate, while Guadalupe to Ayala is moderate to heavy.

NLEX going to Manila is likewise experiencing heavy downpour, with limited visibility as reported by @raffytima.

Limited visibility at Nlex due to downpour by @raffytima

There was also a report that a crew mechanic of Cebu Pacific was struck by lighting.

Image via @dementia on SLEX.

MMDA reported that Northbound, Magallanes to Manila and EDSA northbound not moving as of 5PM. (see image above via @d4nyelsk1)

Images from all over Metro Manila show how bad the flood has been.

This is a developing story.

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  • Erwin

    Very strong wind here in cavite from sunday afternoon till mow at 1:30am

    • Cocoy

      wow. hope things have calmed down in your area!