Twitters say #freeCarlos Celdran; CBCP gets negative publicity

Some twitters have much to say about #freecarlos, and about the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines. The tweets were largely in response to the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines case against actor Carlos Celdran. The actor strode to Manila Cathedral in 2010, and cried, “Damaso!” The CBCP filed a lawsuit against the actor.

Celdran is a leading advocate of the Reproductive Health Bill which is being debated in Congress.

The Catholic Bishop’s Conference of the Philippines is getting some negative publicity because of it. @camillasaguin asked, “Why is the CBCP still pursuing their case against Carlos Celdran? Why do they even teach forgiveness when they don’t know how to forgive?”

@artemusd tweeted, “this is a desperate act from the #CBCP against @carlosceldran to save their faces when they know for a fact that their resistance is futile.”

“Even John Paul II has forgiven his assassin,” @dapitanfishball wrote, “CBCP not dropping charges against Celdran #thisiswhyidislikethechurch #freecarlos”

“#freecarlos CBCP are a bunch of religious people who seem to be not!” @ts_kristina tweeted.

@KyraMeetsWorld said, “If I’m not mistaken Jesus Christ accepted Mary Magdalene despite her you-know-what. And the #CBCP is acting like this because of #RHBill?!”

@Micaandthescene wrote, “CBCP is always overreacting.”

“@carlosceldran I can only imagine how ignorant d friars wer during d Spanish col period.Der’s not much difference between ’em & d CBCP now,” @tsuhraysee tweeted.

Photo credit: Jonas Bagas, some rights reserved.

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  • The CBCP is getting enough bad rep right now from a RH Bill divide.

    • Cocoy


  • Ronald

    A UP Diliman student is convicted of killing a cat last 2009. What Celdran has done in Manila Cathedral is wrong, therefore he must be convicted.