De Lima: PNoy isn’t lazy

One of President Benigno Aquino III’s alter-egos has defended the chief executive from criticisms he does not work hard enough.

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, the top Cabinet official in terms of satisfaction ratings according to national surveys, said these criticisms were not fair to the president whom she described as “very hardworking.”

“It’s not fair for some people to think that our president is not hardworking enough. I am witness to how the president works because I hold meetings with him and along with other Cabinet members, an average of 3-4 times a week and on certain days these are successive meetings even.

“And the president would almost always preside on those meetings, all sorts of concerns, issues and matters from economic to peace and order  to justice to the peace process to criminality to national security concerns. Kung kakalkalin ko nga sa kalendaryo ko kung ano mga naka-schedule every week, magugulat kayo sa dami and how wide-ranging the issues and concerns na hinaharap palagi ng presidente,” de Lima said.

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Con Yap

  • manuelbuencamino

    It does not mean that nothing is happening to the FOI Bill just because media does not report each and every meeting, and each and every topic discussed in those meetings between the president, the congressional sponsors, and the FOI coalition.

    The president has been studying the FOI carefully. He has been working in close coordination with congressional sponsors of the bill and the FOI coalition. The administration has presented its version to the sponsors and it is just waiting for all the parties to sign on. When they do, the president will throw his full support behind it.

    Why has it taken so long? Because FOI affects all of government, not only the executive branch. And so, as a responsible and not playing up to the media just to survie administration, wide-ranging consultations had to be undertaken before this honest and hardworking administration could suggest improvements to the draft bill. It’s simple really.

    • UP nn grad

      How many times in the past two months has Presi-Noynoy met with members of Congress about FOI?? Eight?? Six? going down… going down… two? going down….

  • UP nn grad

    Whatever deLima says, the past months show that Persi-NoyiNoy has been lazy with regards pushing and encouraging Congress to pass the Freedom of Information bill into Law. I suppose his excuse is natisod with his Truth-Commission-Send-GMA-to-Jail thing, but excuses are for high school and college…. medyo tapos na doon si Persi-dente.