Government releases Philippine Development blueprint

The Philippine Development Plan is the “economic blueprint,” that the Aquino administration will follow. It lays down the framework for fiscal reforms. PDP centers around a target to increase the tax effort (which is a ratio of tax revenues as a percentage of GDP). The government aims revitalize revenue leak campaigns such as the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s “Run after Tax Evaders,” and the Bureau of Customs’ “Run After Smugglers programs;” as well as the Department of Finance’s Revenue Integrity Protection Service.

With the publishing of PDP, it becomes clearer that Government intends to build a registry of its tax base.

The plan also calls for better trained Bureau of Internal Revenue, Bureau of Customs staff.

The National Economic Development Authority published the economic blueprint for the Aquino administration. The version posted on NEDA’s website is, according to Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Cayetano Paderanga, Jr., “more or less final, pending administrative procedures,” Business World quoted.

Business World also noted that the “Fiscal Incentives Bill,” is currently pending in Congress and is expected to be approved by the end of 2011. The Aquino administration aims to rationalize fiscal incentives with the passage of the bill.

The PDP noted that there should be a “Fiscal Responsibility Law,” that would promote discipline, and manage National Debt, and that any expenditure should be accompanied by a revenue-generating measure.

The document also highlights the government’s push for environment conservation.

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Cocoy Dayao

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  • UP nn grad

    Gloria Arroyo/Erap/FVR — failures with regards job-creation.

    Can jobs for Pinoys-in-Pinas be created? Can Pinas do a Brazil where “….From 2003 to 2008, 24 million people left poverty in Brazil, where the middle class now accounts for more than half of its roughly 191 million citizens. At home, they enjoy color TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, and vacuum cleaners.”

    Repeat — Brazil middle class now is at 50% of its population. I believe the land-reform impetus was instrumental, as well as central government that really focused on the governance from the point of view the population and not the hacenderos..

    Maybe Presi-Noynoy will stumble serendipitiously and he does a Lula for Pilipinas. Vrrr-ooooOOMMMM!!! VrrrroooOOMMM!!! Maybe.

    • UP nn grad

      Or maybe Pilipinas Supreme Court forces Presi-Noynoy’s hand.

  • J_ag

    The entire developmental plan of the present government is based on strengthening the fiscal institutions of the state.

    The systemic and structural deficits are a bar to having an effective state.

    I once has a short conversation with the present head of NEDA and he pointed to this fact as a major constraint to any developmental policy/program.

    That and the development agricutlural productivity by which no industrial development can occur.

    Can they institute meaningful reforms inlgiht of the weakened enforcement of laws in this country. Short of declaring a fiscal emergency to effect this change they will not succeed.

    • UP nn grad

      Can this “… meaningful reforms” be done via Executive Order ? Kung Executive Order, presi-Noynoy likes Executive Orders.

      Can “…meaningful reforms” be done via media-media pogi points conferences? Easy-chicken kung garito lang ang kailangan.

      I really hope Pilipinas Supreme Court releases its decision on Carp-ification of Hacienda Luisita so Noynoy can have more time to chase RATS and maybe Presi-Noynoy goes media-blitz opening new elementary- and high-schools in the provinces..

    • Cocoy

      There in lies the problem. Would declaring a fiscal emergency give everyone a sense of urgency? A sense of putting the house into order? We surely can’t spend another decade like the last one.

      • J_ag

        The U.S. Congress will have to decide on raising the debt limit for the government by August or the U.S. will default on its interest payments to its debt holders.

        For all those who are in the u.S. write to your Congressman and senators not to increase the debt limit of the U.S. government. Let the U.S. government go into technical default.

        This woul be the best thing that could happen to the planet.

    • Perhaps that is already outside the scope of the Development Plan itself. Issues like law enforcement and agricultural development are highly complex issues, with no single solution for either problem. Personally, I’d like to see this administration break up the rice cartels (and allow farmers to profit directly from the sales of their produce) and elevate the dignity (and the pay grade) of our law enforcement agents.