House body passes consolidated bill defining, punishing cyber-crimes

The House committee on information and communications approved on Monday a consolidated bill defining cyber-crimes and providing safeguards and penalties to protect the integrity and confidentiality of subscribers’ information.

The bill, which has yet to be numbered, substituted for at least nine related bills on the subject, and will be known as The Cyber-crime Prevention Act of 2011.

Taguig City Rep. Sigfrido “Freddie” Tinga, committee chair, said recognizing freedom of expression should involve recognizing the responsibility of preventing abuses in the exercise of rights and of protecting other forms of rights, such as privacy and confidentiality of certain types of information.

“This bill, if passed, will protect and safeguard not only the integrity of computer systems but also the veracity of database and confidentiality of data storing systems as well as all networks from misuse abuse and illegal access,” Tinga said.

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Con Yap