Continuity reboots

Reboots, paradigm shift are all the rage this year. For instance, DC Comics announced that it was rebooting its entire comic book line, bringing 52 of its comic books to issue as well as publishing all their comics digitally. Then recently in the Philippines, a move is in place to bring divorce back, which Archbishop Oscar Cruz calls a anti-Filipino.

The Philippines went on a sort of reboot. At the very least, we are seeing the reboot ongoing. As Deputy palace spokesperson Abigail Valte pointed out sometime ago, “Democracy is already in the recovery room as of May 2011“.

If you look at the Philippine Development blueprint, you could see the depth, and breathe and shape of what Aquino wants the Philippines to be, when he leaves office.

It explains why the government refuses to spend money it doesn’t have. Without government spending 17 percent, it showed why the economy slowed down to 4.9 percent. In the same quarter in 2010 the economy grew double that, what with election, and election spending driving the growth.

How I read the tea leaves, government doesn’t want to spend what it doesn’t have. The administration intends to institutionalize spending: if the government doesn’t have the money to pay for it, the government doesn’t finance a project.

We can talk about lies and statistics. It is pretty good take, but without Government propping up GDP, who will pickup the slack? A GDP growth of 4.9 percent showed that the private sector as a whole wasn’t able to pickup the slack that government dropped. So the question is: as government intends to spend less, or at the very least manage its spending, what is it doing to get more business into invest?

Is the government making it easy for investors of all stripe to come in? Is the government interested in tapping the OFW market to invest in the Philippines? What is it doing to make investing in the Philippines easier, and more interesting?

The question also comes in that we know that Internet is a game changer, and that the Internet is like roads, and railways and electricity before it: they generate business. There is no clear cut government policy on the Internet. There is no clear cut government policy on science and technology. And yet we have policies like Cybercrime bill that is being debated in Congress that doesn’t actually help, but make Internet worst for Filipinos. Our legislators lack the understanding, and the foresight to take this Internet and make it go zoom. Do you want the government to regulate the Internet?

In the past year, we’ve also seen the push to diminish the power and influence of the Catholic Church. The push for reproductive health for example is one thing. It is meant to institutionalize maternal health and the side effect of course it goes against “church teaching.” Then there is a push to revive the Divorce law in the Philippines. The latter since the Philippines now becomes the only country in the world without any sort of divorce law.

There was once a divorce law according to @nerveending. The Philippines had a divorce law prior to 1947. Then we didn’t. Today, if you want to go get divorced, there is always annulment or legal separation. So you can get separated from your wife or your estranged husband. Relationships are never easy. They’re messy. They’re never black and white. It lives in that gray terrain. Divorce becomes important so we could protect wives and children who are being abused where the only recourse is to separate. Divorce becomes important when to have a better life, a man or a woman must reboot their continuity.

If the Reproductive Health bill becomes law, and it is followed by a divorce bill? That would be one continuity reboot for the Philippines. It signals that the nation is slowly becoming secular and less under the thrall of the Vatican.

As a Catholic, for me, it presents an opportunity for the Church to focus on the spiritual. I want sermons and direction that make me a better person. I don’t need the Church to tell me what is wrong with government. Filipinos everywhere already know what’s wrong with our nation. It is that time in history that we fix it. I need my church to help guide that poor maid who is always beaten up by her husband. I need a Church that guides street children away from the streets, and into education. I need this church to be relevant.

This is how I see continuity reboots. Like all things in life, it would depend a lot on how it is executed.

Image credit: The New Justice League by Jim Lee

Upate: @mannyneps and @jesterinexile points out that if you’re a Muslim in the Philippines then divorce is legal.

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Cocoy Dayao

Cocoy is the Chief Technology Officer of Lab Rats Technica, a Digital Consulting company that specialises in DevOps, iOS, and Web Apps, E-Commerce sites, Cybersecurity and Social Media consulting. He is a technology enthusiast, political junkie and social observer who enjoys a good cup of coffee, comic books, and tweets as @cocoy on twitter.

Cocoy is also the Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief of the ProPinoy Project.

Cocoy considers himself to be Liberal.

  • manuelbuencamino ,

    Muslims follow Sharia law. Catholics follow Cannon Law. Paano naman yun hindi muslim o katoliko, pipilitin din ba sila sumunod sa batas ng mulim at katoliko?

    • Cocoy ,


    • KG ,

      • UP nn grad ,

        The proposition that “…it is stupid to spend money you do not have” is blatantly proven nonsensical every time a person buys a house with 10- or 15- or more years to pay.

        Reverse side of the coin — think how loudly the Makati Business Club will yell into Presi-Noynoy’s ears if Presi-Noynoy were to say Pinoys in Pilipinas should be more chicken-little scared and that Pinoys in Pilipinas should not buy on installment plan.

        The ones who are already matatag earning good solid money from their call-center jobs or their internet-this or accounting that may not feel the need, but there are children who need schoolrooms, books, and teachers. Presi-Noynoy denying them what they need in the interest or “… eh kailangan para masabi na hindi kailangang magtaas ng taxes” is presi-Noynoy turning his back on “… the children??? They are the hope of the future.” Sa bagay nga naman…. tapos na ang eleksiyon.

        • manuelbuencamino ,

          Oh yeah good idea. Let’s copy the US and then when we run out of money…well, we can always print more.

          • UP nn grad ,

            Oh, yeah… Presi-Noynoy espousing cash-and-carry is exactly what will carry Pilipinas so Pilipinas per-capita income becomes half of Thailand’s. Gee…. get some education, plzzzzz!!!!

            • UP nn grad ,

              The budget line items were submitted, analyzed, approved. There was not a single peep from the credit markets about the approved budget. Then whizz-bang economic guru Presi-Noynoy clamps on the expenditures saying “…due diligence” ( and his actions sending the signal that his DOJ/BIR team can’t catch the leakages so Miss Prudence is invoked and Persi-Noynoy shuts down the outflow for the next months).

              Anyway… a couple more weeks, there will be another event to entertain.

          • Cocoy ,

            Moody’s has threatened to downgrade US Credit rating if Congress doesn’t raise the debt ceiling.

            At what point do we become prudent in spending?

            • UP nn grad ,

              didn’t you read the part where Doy says we’re not there yet?

              Have you even seen any huffing-and-puffing from the credit market about downgrading Pilipinas credit rating? Who sez Pilipinas was not prudent in its spending 2 months ago or in 2010?

              • UP nn grad ,

                Even Persi-Noynoy does not say “Pilipinas has not been prudent in its spending.”

                What Persi-Noynoy is saying is that there are huge leakages in his government spending, that he can’t seem to plug the leakages so his whiz-bang action is to shut down the spending. No spending, no leakages —- duhhhh!!!!

                Of course, the spending on the Samar road goes on — USA funded.

                • Bert ,

                  Hi, UP n! You’ve got any problem with shutting the water line temporarily to plug some leaks? Or, you’d rather do the repair works with all those leaks splattering over your face? How uneconomical, and how uncomfortable. No wonder you and Doy are clamoring for more taxes.

                  • UP nn grad ,

                    Malapit na Hulyo…. pagdating ng Hulyo, iba na ang pag-uusapan. (Mabuti na lang, ang construction ng USA-funded Samar highway, tuloy ang gawa maski ano ang bukang-bibig ni Ocho o ni Lacierda o ni Presi-Noynoy)

                    And what’s the story with the mass resignation at DOTC? BFF’s forever kaya ang dahilan?

              • Bert ,

                It’s more nonsensical if you don’t have the money to pay the monthly amortization. Or, if you’ll have to ‘tax the people’ to be able to pay your ‘monthly amortization’.