Wrong is right

Proponents of the Reproductive Health Bill this week came out, (no not to propose for same-sex marriages), but to call for a divorce bill. It would seem that the Philippines is the last holdout in the world on divorce. We have to go join the crowd, or be left out as uncool, right?

The great Roman Catholic Archbishop Oscar Cruz said such divorce bill is Anti-Filipino. Marriage of course wasn’t invented in the Philippines. The Catholic Church didn’t invent it either. The Catholic Church didn’t demand Catholics get married in front of a priest before the Council of Trent. That was during the 16th Century for you keeping score.

What Oscar Cruz merely stated, for Filipinos, marriage is so sacred that even when the husband is beating his wife up, she should still stay married to him. Filipinos should stay married when their spouses cheat, do drugs, kill, or out right abandon them.

Marriage is so sacred in the Philippines that there are only two alternatives. Go get legally separated or get the marriage annulled. It is a win-win scenario.

Legally separated means the person can’t get remarried. So forever trapped in a loveless marriage. The Catholic Church of course wants people to marry out of love.

An annulment means you wipe away the marriage like a comic book retcon. It didn’t happen! The kids in the marriage become bastards. Legitimacy, of course is very Filipino, just ask Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

What is so anti-Filipino is to be adult enough to know before entering marriage that it is a tough life. Filipinos don’t know that relationships are hard enough. Filipinos don’t know that relationships in the best of circumstances is difficult so they don’t know that marriage itself is hard. Filipinos just want the party. It is reason to get married. There is lechon after all.

Divorce of course will make Filipinos stop marrying for love. It is a silly notion anyway. Divorce? No. Marrying for love. People should marry for money, and only money. It is easier, when both parties are clear right?

It is also very un-Filipino to have choices to know choices.

It is also very Anti-Filipino to recognize that there are other religions out there. Other beliefs. Speaking of which, Filipino muslims are legally able to divorce in the Philippines. Are we now saying Filipino muslims are anti-Filipino?

Filipinos who marry non-Filipinos can divorce. These Filipinos marrying foreigners are anti-Filipino. Blood traitors the lot of them, right?

We must also remember that those proposing for Divorce law will one day be asking Filipinos to grant same-sex marriages. A three way makes the Filipino male, macho, but do we really need to go as far as granting same-sex marriages in the future? Divorce is just a stepping stone! God hates same-sex marriages just as He hates divorce, doesn’t He?

In the large sense, the Philippine Daily Inquirer editorial is correct. It is wrong to assume that just because there is public support for the RH Bill that it will pass, and that ergo there is also a similar support for divorce in the Philippines. The proponents are getting ahead of themselves. Pass first the RH bill, then let’s talk about divorce.

Wrong is right.

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Alex Cade Cruz

Aspiring writer living in a rabbit hole.

  • Anonnimous

    This is lame. Its time to put Philippines at least with one foot on the 21st century! RH Bill is wrong? Why? Because the church says so? Fuck the church, there are other religions out there to be respected and as the Constitution state in different terms: The Filipino state is one institute, the Church is another completely different. Time for the filipinos to rise against this religious brainwashing and have freedom to stick with that person for love or to leave that person because one is an ass!!

  • We have to look carefully at the retired archbishop’s statement and consider what he is saying. He is basically equating the religious teachings of the church with nationalist ideas of what constitutes a “true” Filipino.

    This looks and feels a lot like fundamentalists who try to define what constitutes a “true” believer whether Christian or Muslim fusing religious identity with cultural. By so doing, the former archbishop might already be attempting mind control over his audience, the kind of spiritual abuse that cult leaders are wont.

  • Kg

    “The kids in the marriage become bastards”


  • Notably, there is an exception to the statement “The kids in the marriage become bastards.” It’s found in Art. 36, providing for the grounds of nullity based on psychological incapacity – the very grounds for the nullity of marriage lifted from Catholic canon law. Continuing along the lines of Oscar Cruz’ reasoning, I guess it’s also very Filipino to get exemptions that apply only to your own group.

    • Cocoy

      Let me get this straight. if the marriage is annulled based on psychological incapacity, then the kids are not bastards?