China fired at Filipino fishers

“This is Chinese Warship 560. You are in the China territory. Leave the area immediately.”

Upon hearing this warning through a marine band radio, three Philippine boats fishing in Quirino, or Jackson atoll, a Philippine-claimed islet off Palawan in the disputed Spratly Islands, scampered away.

But the Chinese warship still fired three shots at the vessels F/V Jaime DLS, F/V Mama Lydia DLS and F/V Maricris 12. The Philippine Nay later identified the Chinese warship as Dongguan, a Jianghu-V Class missile frigate.

The incident in the South China Sea happened on Feb. 25—before March when the Philippine-commissioned seismic vessel was reportedly harassed in Reed Bank in western Palawan and before the Chinese vessels laid steel posts and a buoy in May in the Amy Douglas (Iroquois) Bank southwest of Reed Bank which Manila said is within its 200-mile exclusive economic zone.

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Con Yap

  • Thai anton

    This is what happens when the govt don’t pay attention to our defense and says we have NO enemies and so defense is not our priority, now we are buying 1 used 40 years old USA hamilton class coast guard ship to patrol
    Palawan and we are buying more Huey helicopters, this is what you call Ukay Ukay defense, Sabi nga ni Pnoy sa Chinese defense minister “You are risking an arms race” ,what is he talking about ? RP is not in even in a race cuz we’ve decided that we will be the kulelat . Don’t. Even think USA will come to your rescue ,we have 60 years to grow up but we never did,
    We think USA will come to our rescue, wait till China launch their aircraft carrier this year and make a grab for Palawan.