MMDA uses lasers on Commonwealth

To address the continued accidents along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City, the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) stressed on the importance of laser speed guns to monitor and apprehend violators.

MMDA Chairman Atty. Francis Tolentino highlighted the features of the LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) guns that are installed in strategic areas along the said thoroughfare.

Tolentino disclosed that the speed guns can record photos and videos of errant vehicles during the day. However, though it could not capture photo and videos at night, it still can detect overspeeding vehicles. “This means that even at night, we can immediately apprehend violators. With this, we are implementing the ‘contact’ policy so that these speeders could immediately be imposed appropriate fines and penalties,” Tolentino said.

He explained that under contact apprehension, the MMDA speed gun operators work with a partner who radios the plate number of overspeeders to the MMDA enforcers who immediately apprehend the vehicle.

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