Survey tags Filipinos’ brand choices, behavior

NEARLY A HUNDRED BRANDS — most of which were foreign — were yesterday identified as “trusted” by Filipino consumers.

Readers’ Digest yesterday unveiled its latest listing, gleaned from a regional poll that also showed Filipinos as generally forgiving of quality scandals and relatively cognizant of the fair trade concept.

A total of 94 brands — 39 local and 55 non-local — in 42 categories were recognized by the magazine. Among them were technology giants Apple and Acer, electronics firms Sony and Samsung, carmakers Honda and Toyota, and local heavyweights Jollibee, Cebu Pacific and Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co.

Similar searches were conducted in neighbors Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India and China.

The survey also found that a third of Filipinos (33%) would reconsider purchasing a scandal-hit brand less than a year after the issue broke out. Some 32% said it would take up to three years and 25% said they would permanently drop the brand.

Filipinos’ propensity to forgive, however, paled in comparison to the Taiwanese: 60% of those polled said could resume purchases in less than a year.

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Con Yap